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Song of Songs - chapter 1

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Song of Songs  
Chapter OneThe betrothed and daughters [of] Jerusalem  
-1. Song of the songs, that are to SheLoMoH ["His Peace", Solomon].  
-2. “He kissed [ישקני, YeeShahQayNeeY] me from kisses [of] his mouth.”  
“For good are your companions1 from wine,  
“… oscillation in person, although awkward to our ears, is characteristic of Hebrew poetry…” (Meek, 1956, p. V 103)  
I resolved this by making the second line a response to the first.  
-3. “to fragrance [than] your oils good.  
“The word טובים [TOBeeYM] is an abstract plural, ‘sweetness belongs to the fragrance of your ointments,’ or in better English, ‘The fragrance of your ointments is sweet’… It is also possible to take the preposition as the ל [L] of specification; in that case טובים would be a predicate adjective: ‘Your ointments are sweet in the matter of fragrance.’” (Meek, 1956, p. V 103)  
I join 3a to the response in 2b; i.e. [in other words] “Your beloved’s kisses are better than wine, to fragrance [than] your oils good”, using the ל as a comparative.  
Oil emptied [תורק, ThOoRahQ] is your names,”  
“In the second stitch תורק is an enigma. If it is a verbal form, it can be hophal imperfect2 of ריק [RYQ], ‘to pour out,’ either second person masculine or third person feminine, both difficult to understand here… but the word is probably best understood as a noun, meaning perhaps ‘storax3 ,’ or some other important source of ointments. The word שמנים [SheMahNeeYM] is ointments, rather than oils. Together with שמך [ShehMehKhah “your name”], it constitutes a paranomasia4 [sic for paronomasia], a device used rather frequently by Hebrew poets." (Meek, 1956, p. V 103-104)  
3b: “You empty your oil” [in an excess of adornment or exhaustion]…  
“therefore [על כן, `aL KayN, “upon yes”] maidens love you.  
“On the cultic interpretation, as originally understood, the maidens would be the female votaries5 ; on the three-character interpretation, the women of Solomon’s harem; on other interpretations, simply girls in general, as also on the cultic when the original significance of the Song came to be lost.” (Meek, 1956, p. IV 104)  
-4. “Pull me [משכני, MahShKhayNeeY] after you, we will run;
brings me, the king, [to] his rooms,
we will rejoice and we will be happy.”  
The girl may be begging her shepherd to rescue her from the king.  
“In you we will remember your companion from wine.”  
“The change to the first person plural in the second line is best explained as another instance of oscillation; the maiden identifies herself with the whole group instead of thinking of herself individually (cf. [compare with] vs. [verse] 11, an exact parallel). Some scholars [including me! see my note on verse 2] by assigning the words to the chorus, ‘the daughters of Jerusalem.’ Others assign the whole passage, vss. [verses] 2-4, to the chorus.” (Meek, 1956, pp. IV 104-105)  
Righteously I will love you.  
“The word מישרים [MaYShahReeYM] is an abstract plural noun adverbial accusative; hence rightly.” (Meek, 1956, p. IV 105)  
-5. “Black I am, and lovely [ונאוה, VeNah’VaH], daughters [of] Jerusalem,
“… i.e., blackened by exposure to the sun (cf. Theocritus, Idyls … where Bambyce is called beautiful though sunburned).” (Meek, 1956, p. IV 105)  
“like tents of QayDahR, like tent-cloths [כיריעות. KeeYReeY`OTh] [of] SheLoMoH.  
“Note that the tents of Kedar (a Bedouin tribe of north Arabia; cf. Gen. [Genesis] 25:13), woven of goat’s hair, are black.” (Meek, 1956, p. IV 105)  
-6. “Do not see me, that I am black;  
“The word ראה [Rah’aH, ‘see”] is used here with a double accusative; the suffix me and an object clause introduced by the particle ש [Sh “that”], which is always used in this book in place of the usual אשר [‘ahShehR.” (Meek, 1956, p. IV 105)  
“that tanned me [ששזפתני, ShehShehZahPhahThNeeY] the sun. Sons of my mother were heated in me,  
“The word נחרו [NeeHahROo] is difficult; it could be the Niphal perfect of חרה [HaRaH], ‘to burn,’ ‘to be angry,’ or of חרר [HaRaR], ‘to burn.’” (Meek, 1956, p. IV 106)  
“they placed me as watcher of [את, ’ehTh (indicator of direct object; no English equivalent)] the vineyards; vineyard of mine I did not watch.  
“… כרמי שלי [KahRMeeY ShehLeeY], lit. [literally], ‘my vineyard which belongs to me,’ are usually taken as emphatic, my own vineyard… perhaps the girl’s person. The passage [1:5-6], if interpreted literally, is a fragment of a bucolic song rather than a love song. ” (Meek, 1956, p. IV 106)  
-7. “Tell me, that loves my soul,
how will you pasture,
how will you lay down [תרביץ, ThahRBeeYTs] in the afternoon,
that to what will I be like one veiled [כעטיה, Ke`oT-YaH] upon flocks of your friends?”  
“The woman asks for a noon … rendezvous with the lover…” (Murphy, 1990, p. 463)  
“… like one who is veiled… The reference may be to veiling in mourning (cf. II Sam. [Samuel] 15:30…) or in shame (cf. Jer. [Jeremiah] 14:3…), or as a temple prostitute or votary (cf. Gen. 38:15, 19). Since the part of the body covered is invariably stated whenever veiling is used as a symbol of mourning or shame, the last meaning is the best. The goddess of fertility is regularly represented as veiled… The meaning then would be, ‘Why cannot I be with you rather than with your votaries?’ - the question introducing the antiphonal response that follows…” (Meek, 1956, pp. V 107-108)  
“This is spoken as if the parties were shepherds… But how this would apply either to Solomon, or the princess of Egypt, is not easy to ascertain. Probably in the marriage festival there was something like our masks, in which persons of quality assumed rural characters and their employments. – See that fine one composed by Milton, called COMUS.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. III 616)  
I wonder if she is rejecting the notion of being one of Solomon’s harem.  
-8. “If it is not known to you,
the beautiful in women,
go out to you in heels of the flock,
and pasture [את, ’ehTh] your goat-kids upon dwellings [of] the pastors.”  
“His indirect reply teases her: ‘follow the tracks.’” (Murphy R. E., 1990, p. 463)  
“This verse contains the response of the chorus.” (Meek, 1956, p. V 108)  
“This appears to be the reply of the virgins.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. III 616)  
The betrothed and the bridegroom  
-9. “To my mare [לססתי, LeÇooÇahTheeY] in chariots of Pharaoh
I compare you my companion.  
“… in, meaning ‘attached to.’ The verb דמיתיך [DeeMeeYTeeYKh] is the perfect of instantaneous action; hence I compare you. Stallions rather than mares were used with chariots, but the word is mare here because the subject of comparison is a woman. Comparison with a steed is highly flattering in the East, where both horses and women are excessively adorned. The term רעיתי [Rah`YahTheeY], my love, is regularly applied to the maiden throughout the book and would seem to be of cultic origin, because it is used elsewhere only in Judg. [Judges] 11:37 (Kethîbh [note in margin]) of the votaries who yearly bewailed the death of vegetation, typified by the death of Jephthah’s daughter; but by the time the Song of Songs was written down, the term was probably one of endearment only.” (Meek, 1956, pp. V 108-109)  
Mares, in preference to horses, were used both for riding and chariots in the East. They are much swifter, endure more hardship, and will go longer without food, than either the stallion or the gelding. There is perhaps no brute creature in the world so beautiful as a fine well bred horse or mare; and the finest woman in the universe, Helen, has been compared to a horse in a Thessalian chariot by Theocritus. Idyl. xviii, ver. 28  
Ωδε και αχρυσεα Εκενα διαφαινερ’ εν ημιν, Πιειρα μεγαλα’ ατ’ ανεκραμεν ογμος αρουρα, απω κυπαρισσος, η αρματι θεσσαλος ιππος.  
[Ode kai akhrusea Elena diathainer en ymin, Pieira megala at anekramen ogmos aroura I kapo kuparissoss, y armati Thessalos ippos.]  
“The golden Helen, tall and graceful, appears as distinguished among us as the furrow in the field, the cypress in the garden, or the Thessalian horse in the chariot.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. III 616)  
-10. “Lovely [נאוו, Nah’VOo] to your cheeks in bangles [בתרים, BahThOReeYM],
your neck in beads [בחרוזים, BahHahROoZeeYM].  
Figure 1  
“The verb נאוו [Nah‘ahVOo] is stative perfect Pilil6 of נאה [Nah‘aH], ‘to be comely.’” (Meek, 1956, p. V 109)  
-11. “Bangles of gold we will make to you
with points [of] the silver.”  
Her friends encourage her to compete in the harem.  
-12. “Until that the king is in his circle [במסבו, BeeMÇeeBO]
my nard [נדרי, NeeDReeY] gives its scent.”  
“…במסבו bemisabo, in his circle; probably meaning the circle of his friends, at the marriage festivals; or a round table.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. III 616)  
“The meaning of מסבו [MeÇeeBO], a derivative from the Hiphil of סבב [ÇahBahB], ‘to go around,’ is uncertain. In Josh. [Joshua] 6:11 the verbal form is used of taking the ark in procession around Jericho, and in the verse here the word may originally have referred to the religious procession that was a feature of the fertility cult; but it came later to mean couch or ‘divan,’ on which one reclined at tableNard, or more specifically spikenard, found only here and in 4:13-14, is strictly a product of India … In India nard was a love charm connected with the fertility cult.” (Meek, 1956, p. V 109)  
-13. “A bundle [צרור, TsROR] [of] the myrrh is my companion to me,
between my breasts [שדי, ShahDah-eeY] he will lodge.  
“The word דודי [DODeeY], my beloved, is an enigma. The regular meaning is ‘my uncle,’ ‘my near kinsman,’ and this is the translation in all the versions, except that the Syriac merely transliterates the word everywhere except here. In Isa. [Isaiah] 5:1 and the Song of Songs, however, it must have a different meaning, somehow connected with love, and there is every reason to believe that it was originally the name of the Palestinian god of fertility, Dôdh… The name appears in the proper name Dodavahu, ‘Yahu is Dôdh’ (II Chr. [Chronicles] 20:37) and in Amos 8:14, as regularly emended… In the original liturgy דודי, ‘my Dôdh,’ was a form of address… Later generations, however, lost sight of the original meaning of the expression as the Song became a conventionalized form for the celebration of the New Year; the phrase lost its earlier connection and came to be traditionally interpreted my beloved, but significantly always masculine, a synonym of the usual ידיד [YahDeeYD]. The word דודים [DODeeM], ‘love, [sic for the plural “loves”]’ in vs. 4 et al. [and elsewhere], manifestly goes back to the same root, and likewise דודאים [DODah‘eeYM], ‘mandrakes,’ in 7:13 (Hebrew 7:14), which were used as a fertility charm (cf. Gen. 30:14-17).  
Myrrh… according to the Mishnah… Hebrew women were accustomed to wear little bags of it, hanging from the neck between their breasts. It was the incense used at the festival of Adonis, and he himself was said to have been born from a myrrh tree.” (Meek, 1956, pp. V 109-110)  
-14. “A cluster [אשכל, ’ehShKoL] [of] the henna [הכפר, HahKoPhehR] is my companion to me,
in my vineyard, `ayN GehDeeY [“Spring of My Goat-kid”]."  
Figure 2  
Engedi was [sic for "is"] an oasis west of the Dead Sea, famed for its vineyards.” (Meek, 1956, p. V 110)  
-15. “Lo, your [הנך, HeeNayKh] beauty, my shepherd;
lo, you, beautiful, your eyes are doves.”  
“This verse is repeated in 4:1, where it has the additional stich, ‘behind your veil,’ which the meter requires: 3+2, 2+2… the dove… was a common symbol of the fertility goddess. It is also the emblem of purity and constancy.” (Meek, 1956, p. V 111)  
-16. “Lo, your [הנך, HeeNKhah] beauty my companion,
even pleasant, even our beds [ערשנו, `ahRShayNOo] are fresh.
-17. [The] beams [קרות, QoROTh] of our houses are cedars;
our furnishings* [רהיטנו, RahHeeYTayNOo] are **pines [ברותים, BROTheeYM].”  
“The word רחיטנו [RahHeeYTayNOo] is found only here, and its translation, our rafters, is a conjecture suggested by the parallelism. In late Hebrew and Arabic it means ‘furniture.’ The word ברותים [BROTheeYM], found only here, is the Aramaic, or perhaps north Palestinian, equivalent of the Hebrew ברושים [BROSheeYM], pine…  
“The description of the hut or booth in vss. 16-17 is very suggestive of the green bowers of Sukkoth or feast of Booths – further evidence in favor of the liturgical interpretation.” (Meek, 1956, pp. V 111-112)  
1 דוד, דד DOhD: verb – to boil, to love; noun – a love token, lover, friend, (well) beloved, father’s brother, love. דד DahD: nipple, teat, [breast]. I translate it as “companion” to reserve lover for אהוב ’aHOoB.  
2 The Hophal Stem is the passive of the Hiphil and is used to express causative action with a passive voice.  
Hiphil Stem: המליך [HeMLeeYKh] (he made [someone] king)  
Hophal Stem: המלך [HeMahLKhah] (he was made king)  
Hophal – Strong Verbs…  
The Hophal Imperfect is formed with the Imperfect preformative, a patach vowel, and the Imperfect sufformatives. The exception to this rule is for the second-person, feminine singular, third-person, masculine plural and the second-person masculine plural where the sufformatives consist of a vowel.  
יֻה ְטַל [YooHTahL]: (Hophal Stem kibuts)
יָ ְטַל [YahTahL]: (Hophal Stem kametz) -  
3 Storax - a fragrant balsam obtained from the bark of an Asian tree (Liquidambar orientalis) of the witch-hazel family that is used as an expectorant and sometimes in perfumery —called also Levant storax  
4 Paronomasia: a play on words : pun -  
5 Votary - Consecrated by a vow or promise; consequent on a vow; devoted; promised. Wikipedia  
6 Pilel - This form is equivalent to the Piel intensive form, and occurs due to reduplication of the final root letter. [V and Oo are different pronunciations of the Hebrew letter ו]  
[An Amateur's Journey Through the Bible]()
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2020.12.03 02:45 fazik93 2020 Week 13 Consolidated Start 'Em, Sit 'Em - (FantasyPros, NFL, CBS, SI, Sporting News)

Welcome to Week 13! Well, that was one hell of a week. Glad to see the NFL cares a lot about player health and safety. Thank you, Goodell, we love you!
Week 13 Featuring:
Enjoy the 2020 Week 13 Start 'Em Sit 'Em:
Imgur Album
Google Sheets Link This Google Sheet has tabs for WR, RB, QB, TE, K, DEF
If you are having trouble with the size of the pictures and the sidebar overlap, just zoom out on the webpage or open it directly in Imgur.
Site Author
Fantasy Pros Andrew Gould
NFL Network Adam Rank
CBS Jamey Eisenberg
Sports Illustrated Michael Fabiano
Sporting News Vinnie Iyer

How To Read The Data:
Fill Format:
Start-O-Meter Values:
Example: Mark Ingram (BAL @ CLE)
How You Can Help Contribute To This Post:
I've noticed that in this post (and across most posts in fantasyfootball) most of the comments ask for starting advice for your roster and there are already dedicated Index articles to answer those questions. Instead, focus on picking up/dropping players, ROS performance, fliers, matchup rankings, trends, etc. those will help out everyone instead of just your team. Also, the mods have locked this post before when the comments fill up with things that should go into the INDEX posts.
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2020.12.03 00:41 SlowAnimation MBT pull locations on Esamir

MBT pull locations on Esamir
This post is a simple attempt to make armor more engaging on Esamir. Before reading know that the picture submitted is a little out dated. This picture shows Mani Processing Plant as being a major facility, however it currently is not. It also shows that Eisa tech starts with the northern warpgate. That is also incorrect. Eisa Tech Plant currently starts with the Eastern faction. That gives the Eastern faction 8 possible MBT spawn locations, Northern 4 MBT spawn locations, and Southern 3 MBT spawn locations.
Playing the Southern Warpgate feels horrible from an MBT stand point. The two main pulls are Baldur Amp Station and Waterson's Redemption. This becomes an issue since both MBT pulls can be attacked at the same time. When both of those pulls are gone players begin a long trek across the map from Southern Warpgate just to contest fights.
What seems to happen is both opposing factions push Baldur and Waterson's almost simultaneously splitting what heavy armor support needed. This then pushes all fights to the outside lattices. The fights then turn to the outside lanes for the most part. Pulling to those outside lanes from Southern Warpgate is not enjoyable experience for any MBT driver. With the other two factions having MBT pulls so close it feels the Southern Warpgate is at a severe disadvantage.
My suggestion is to add 3 armor pulls across the map for balance. One in the north for Mani Lake outpost. Allowing for faster reinforcements for Apex genetics. Next would be for Andvari South Bank to have a closer pull than 1800-2k meter trek. Finally Adding one at Elli Tower. Allowing for contestion at the base of the bridge at bridge ward and accessible defense of Elli Forest Pass. This would hopefully change the dynamic of the current fights making it a little harder to push those areas. This would bring the total MBT pull lactions to 8, 6, and 5. Hopefully adding some balance to armor fights.
My other suggestion is to look at the lattice from Eisa Tech Plant to Baldur Amp. It seems weird to me that it is the only amp that can be directly attacked at the start of the map. The other 2 tech plants sit nestled with at least one zone in between. By removing the lattice line from Eisa to it and partnering it with Waterson's it may allow for a stronger defense of the middle of the map.
My last thought would be to make Eisa Tech neutral at the start of the map. So all factions are fighting for that additional armor pull at the start of the map. Bringing the fights back to the middle map and encouraging the armor fights that took place in Waterson's that were so loved before.
This idea was thrown around to a lot of the armor guys on Emerald. I appreciate all feedback from those involved.
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2020.12.03 00:18 throwawaymorninghelp I, just now, almost knocked over my boyfriends PS5.

My heart is still racing. My boyfriend is a hardcore PlayStation fanboy, the type to have a setup/display/showcase with the old consoles and PlayStation figurines in an artsy way type of fanboy.
He went to extreme lengths of almost borderline obsession to make sure he got one on release day, went almost insane waiting for it. He’s been taking care of it with immense carefulness, wondering and obsessing about every single dust particle that looks out of place on it. If our dog gets within 2 meters from it he gets nervous and has to remove him from the room entirely. I’m not really allowed closed to it unless I have a valid reason. He loves that thing.
(I’m allowed to play on the console - have my own profile and everything since way back, I’m not sneaking around, just to be clear. )
He just now went to bed, fast asleep. I sat down to play some Valhalla not realizing the controller was connected to the console.
I just took the thing and went to sit down on the sofa when I felt a hard tug and the cord went out of the ps5, but not before I heard the console itself move and wobble. Blessed be, nothing happened. It didn’t fall over. I didn’t have to wake up my boyfriend to tell him I knocked over his baby, causing unknown amount of damage to the thing. I didn’t have to explain why I didn’t care to be careful around something he thinks it super important. Why I was so reckless with something he’s CLEARLY shown I should be extremely cautious with. Because I don’t know why. I think I’m just a bad person who doesn’t register that shit can have huge meaning to others even if it doesn’t to me.
All those things I almost had to do because I wasn’t careful enough with someone’s else thing.
And I’m way too high to be self-realizing shit about myself right now. Fuck that PS5.
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2020.12.03 00:12 Aumnayan Memoirs of First Contact 13 [OC]

[ First ] [ Prev ] [ Next ]
Date: 03.5 28 P4E
The colonization fleet landed four days before and immediately went to work. After receiving new navigation calibrations from the navy with regards to our Gulf-Speed (never let scientists name things) graviton drive, getting the Gramelt’s off this ship and paying them, and transferring the Toga and her crew to my cargo hold we left.
The Confederacy has labeled the embassy attack a terrorist act. Every known participant in the attack has had their biometrics loaded into our system, and would be flagged if identified. I even got it confirmed from Admiral McCalister himself. “Everyone involved is now a terrorist as far as we’re concerned and are to be treated accordingly.” They had taken a step back from a war stance, trying to find a way toward peace.
I could respect that.
The Toga’s crew consisted of two squads of marines all armored in standard light infantry gear, and armed for urban warfare. Two diplomats, though to be fair one might have been his aid. I didn’t like either of them so I didn’t spend much time dealing with them. Whether that is because I don’t like them or because they are replacing Grayson I can’t say. Or don’t want to. A pilot and copilot.
The plan as explained to me by Jason, the primary diplomat, was that on docking they would disembark. One team would go and secure the Hercules while the other went and recommissioned our embassy. Veronica offered to go with them, and fly Hercules back to Scorpio so we could return her to the fleet. Along with Emily who wanted nothing more than to get away from the alien station.
He agreed. He also agreed to give Grazil a package I had made up after showing him it was just some terrain to Empire communication devices.
During the four days it took to get here, the crew had been showing off their armor to the marines, who after taking a ‘high tech weapon I had never seen before’ and shooting the dummy with the only result melting the leather and displaying the armor scaling beneath, or nothing at all when fired against the environment suit itself, they went to their sergeants and asked to switch their armor out.
Denied. Gotta love bureaucracy.
My guys ended up trading them for one of their energy guns for a set of armored dusters for all of the marines, along with a new sidearm for the one who had made the deal. So we now have a plasma rifle template that fires balls of plasma contained in a small gravitational eddy, which is thrown forward. As soon as the eddy touches something it collapses releasing the superheated plasma.
We are all pleased to learn that the weapon would do little more than increase our body heat inside our suits. Gregory and Jeff are already working on enhancing the environmental systems in the suit to prevent this from becoming a critical problem.
We are now an hour from our planned slipstream exit into the Ik’unian. Haley and her other two system security experts, Sean and Shawn, are on the bridge. Sean is sitting at the terminal beside Haley while Shawn was sitting at a terminal behind me. Meant for an engineer that we repurposed for his needs after the embassy attack.
Adam was sitting at the copilots char running figures.
In the center of the room a holo image of the Ik’unian system was displayed with up to date information streamed from the Hudrozaplic ships in the system to Grazil, who then uploaded it to us via the Hercules. Five sub-destroyer class vessels, and thirteen frigate sized vessels sat idle one hundred and twenty kilometers from the station. The only movement in the fleet being the small shifts necessary to keep the fleet a static distance from the station.
Even the power level indicators showed low. I noted that we really should try to get their sensor designs nailed down. Mine still showed each and every ship, even when accelerating, as unpowered.
Everyone was focused on our respective tasks.
“One hour.” I stated looking around the bridge. “You got the Queen loaded, Haley?” I asked needlessly. The evil smile she flashed me was all the answer I needed.
“I have a surprise for you too.” She said, causing me to raise my eyebrow in query. “We are in at least six of the Burghasts' ships.” She flicked her finger and six of the ships took on a hot pink outline, including two of the larger ones.
“Ok, prioritize non-marked targets.” I made my own set of adjustments.
“Yes sir.” Came Adams' reply.
“Okay people, we’re an hour out.” I announced over the ship wide intercom. “We’re about to exit into a potentially hostile system so get where you belong. All persons assigned to diplomatic vessel Toga, please board your vessel and strap in. Scorpio goes on lockdown in ten minutes. Get moving people.”
As one we all slid on our personal environmental suits headpiece into place locking them. Haley had painted hers a bizarre blend of pink and purple, while Shawn’s eye pieces glowed a dull red. I left mine alone, only slightly darkened the eyepieces so my eyes couldn’t be seen. Clicks around the room indicated that the suits had registered the viable atmosphere and opened vents to allow the suits to operate within it.
Any change of pressure would automatically close those vents and switch the suits to their internal systems. We would have twenty four hours after that point in order to find viable atmosphere again before we suffocated.
Date: 03.5 28 P4E
Grazil read over the report her scientists provided. The substance the Terran captain sent over was proving to be everything she claimed it would. She thought, sipping a cup of jimacha juice. Her other three hands idly taping on her terminal. They had already decoded the manufacturing instructions they had been given and had begun refitting a factory for trial run.
In three months, the factory would be complete and a batch would be produced for final testing. If the substance proved to be what Captain Vanderlyn said, and what her scientists believe…
Well, she had already identified a dozen worlds that could be used for production where the required resources would be near at hand.
And the cost! Nothing! Continue to advocate for the removal of the system that enslaved races “in the way that best aligns with the Hudrozaplic beliefs”? She was already doing that. And supplying sensor data from every system where a station that the Hudrozaplic held a presence? Well, something about that felt off, so she had it altered to “from every system where Hudrozaplic held a presence that was not under Hudrozaplic control”.
The terran hadn’t objected.
It cost no resources, and was very little effort to set it up so that every Hudrozaplic trading ship transmitted it’s sensor readings to her office, which was forwarded to the terran ship Hercules. The tech to set up the other transfer points would be given to her.
So much for almost nothing. Grazil thought, sipping again from her cup.
“Five seconds.” I said to the bridge crew. Everyone was paying acute attention to the displays in front of them. “Three. Haley, do it.”
“Queens out!” She shouted.
Grazil screeched as the speakers from her room let out a stream of horrible noise that made the back of her teach ache.
She hastily reached for the hearing protection in her third hand as her primary two clawed at her head and her fourth continued to hold onto her juice as she looked at the ceiling squeezing her eyes shut forcefully.
It didn’t stop! The Terran had told her to keep hearing protection nearby two days ago, but not why. So her and everyone in the embassy did so. She finally got her hearing protection on and sighed with relief. Then she made a sign of disbelief at the ceiling leaving her eyes closed.
The terrans had their embassy taken. Their people were killed. And their response was this childish act? She turned back to her screen and was presented with an image of the Burghasts fleet outside of the station.
Her jimacha juice fell from her numb fingers to crash to the floor.
How much had she paid?!
Of the world!”
Date: 02.18 216 P6E
There’s this thing we call….
No, that’s not where to begin.
I held two doctorate degrees at the time. One in Metalurgic Atomic Reconfiguration and one in Narrow Beam Subatomic Fission. To say I have a detailed-oriented personality is an understatement. So in order for you to fully understand what transpired here, you're going to need some details.
First, you need to understand that you can, in fact, fly a slipstream with your weapon bay doors open. Why don’t more people? Most people aren’t flying somewhere to punch someone's face in. Besides, it’s polite not to. But do note that the point defense systems need to be retracted. Oh, they can be opened and powered just not extended. If you do they’ll be torn off the ship.
It’s not friction or anything like that. No, once it breaks the graviton sheath around the ship it effectively exists in two different relative time curves at once. Look. just think about an indian burn strong enough to rip your entire arm in two, just in the fourth dimension. Got it? Good. I suggest you not try it.
The next pivotal piece of information you need to know is what pilots call the six seconds of death. This is the time frame it takes for sensors to give accurate feedback of the immediate area and can take anywhere from six to thirty seconds depending on the sensor array involved. It’s called what it is because an astute crew could notice the ship entering the system and fire it’s weapons without the sensors being able to detect the energy bloom. The arriving ship wouldn’t even know they had been fired upon until the rounds ripped through their hull.
Now understand that due to an arrangement I made with Grazil, I had up to date system information for the entire system even while in warp. My weapons had precalculated trajectories programmed in, ready and waiting to update based on the position and orientation data that would be provided by the Hudrozaplic scanners already in the system.
And finally Haley and them had spent almost the entire time from the time of the embassy attack testing the station's network security, securing control of low clearance items like the emergency broadcast system, and a high clearance system: the ambassador level docking controls. And apparently about a half dozen of the Burghasts ship communications arrays. So just before we slid out of our slipstream Queen’s “We Are The Champions” blasted out of every speaker in the station and several of the enemy ships.
We knew how to make an entrance.
Date: 03.5 28 P4E
The energy bleed from the slipstream had barely formed before the position information from the Hudrozaplic scanners was fed into our targeting algorithms updating the trajectories of all weapons. So we managed to fire before the energy bleed had even dissipated as we exited our slipstream a mere one hundred kilometers away from the Burghasts fleet.
Two three meter diameter tungsten fletchling rounds, two meter diameter rounds, and ten one hundred and twenty millimeter rounds streaked towards the Burghasts ships, followed by a dozen missiles, accelerating, comparably, slowly towards their target. The point defence systems just being extended, this motion taken into account by the algorithm.
On the one second mark, the hundred and twenty millimeter guns had fired for the third time. The next rounds began sliding into the chamber of the one meter railguns and the loading arms just crashed into the three meter rounds beginning to push them into their chamber.
At two seconds, the more alert of the Burghasts crew had noticed the slipstream transition so close to their position and called out to their commanding officers. The chambers of the one meter railguns locked only to be pushed back violently as the guns fired at an already calculated trajectory. The second round of missiles just touched the loading rails that would see them into their tubes.
At three seconds post transition alarms started going off on the Burghasts ships as they noticed the flight of missiles. Training was kicking in and people ran to their stations. Power indicators began rising on several of the destroyers and I altered the trajectory of the main guns to prioritize the more aware. The main gun fired again. A bass to the constant humm of the hundred and twenty millimeter guns.
At four seconds several of the smaller Burghasts ships fired missiles of their own. The one meter railgun fired for the third time. The power indicators where still rising on all the ships. The missile bay doors had opened to accept the next round.
Five seconds and more enemy missiles had entered space. Acceleration values began climbing slowly as the ships attempted to move. My missile loading arms started retracting.
At six seconds, both sets of primary railguns fired again and the point defence systems came to a stop, being fully extended.
And the first rounds made contact.
Date: 03.5 28 P4E
“Firing missiles!” I hollered as the second set of missiles left their tubes. Two of the Burghasts destroyers where venting their atmosphere as their power indicators flatlined. The fletchling rounds did their work by exploding on impact, sending the four fletching charges ripping through at different angles before also exploding.
Rounds began striking the smaller craft, their armor piercing cores ripping through armor and bulkhead to burst out the other side. Adam was being cautious, targeting a single ship trying to disable it prior to moving on. “Frigate down!” He yelled as a third volley tore through his first target before he had switched.
“Missiles incoming! Flat packs one through four engaged!” He yelled.
“Accelerating!” I hollered as I pushed Scorpio towards the Burghasts, closing the distance even more. My rail guns weren't going to be any use against the more neimble ships, we’re going to need to rely on the point defense system, so closer was better. I just needed to ensure the five sub-destroyers had been destroyed by the time we got there.
My first volley of missiles struck, one hitting each of the targets I had targeted initially, six of the others concentrated on the only remaining destroyer Haley hadn’t highlighted. The other four I split evenly between the other two giving them something to worry about other than the music streaming from their speakers. Pieces of ship lept into space as missiles impacted and turned into raging fireballs as they consumed the atmosphere within.
Adam’s rounds where beginning to hit his second frigate by the time most of them had realigned and their accelerations spiked. They had managed to get out a concentrated launch of twenty missiles. I didn’t change my trajectory, which would take me between two of the disabled sub-destroyers.
“Flat packs one through four engaging!” Adam called out. “Five through eight!” He called after several missiles survived the first counter-volley. Our speed had reached five hundred meters/second and was slowly increasing. The frigates had already jumped to over a thousand. The range between us was at eighty kilometers and dropping fast. I took the moment to fire my one meter rails at one of the frigats that still hadn’t managed to do more then fire a missile, as the crew undoubtedly couped poorly with an alien Queen blowing out their eardrums.
“Brace for impact!”
“Shit!” I yelled as the single missile that had made it through our flat packs to strike Scorpio. Adam chose to concentrate the smaller twenty millimeter guns on the forwardmost frigate making a solid brrrrrrt reverberate through Scorpio’s hull as the armor piercing rounds tore chunks off the ship as the rapid fire guns broke loose.
“Damage report!” I yelled over the intercom as Scorpio rolled after being hit on the port weapon platform.
“We’re good! No leaks!” Jeff hollered back, the ship not bothering to create a holo presence for him. The second round of missiles hit being more or less evenly split between the destroyers. Several of them had broken in half after taking both railgun and missile volleys.
“What the hell is going on!” Jason, the head diplomat roared as his holo-presence took form.
“Bit busy sir. Systems hostile.” I said as Adam cusses. Twelve balls of plasma, streaked out of the frigates as they raced by. Adam shredded one of them the frigates as they passed. I rolled hard and managed to dodge two of their shots, the rest struck home along the underside of Scorpio. Flashing lights lit up my display.
“Then get us the hell out of here! I didn’t sign up for this!” Jason hollered, by my shout drowned him out.
“Damage report!” I looked at Jason. “You have a mission. Don’t worry we’ll clear the way.” I swiped his hologram off my bridge. “Prepare for a slider! Port!” I yelled to Adam.
“Affirmative! Recalculating!”
“Go!” I yelled and pushed all power into the starboard side’s maneuvering thrusters for a second causing us the aft of Scorio to spin hard to port. We slid past the Burghasts fleet’s initial position, between two of the disabled sub-destroyers still spinning along our z axis. Adam used his railguns to destroy the three frigates who never seemed to have recovered from the Queen treatment.
Jeff appeared at the same time as Jason.
“Get us the hell out of here! I’m not going to die…” Jason was yelling as Jeff broke down the damage.
“We’re not venting, but rails 2, 4, and 8 are gone. Flat pack 6 as well. Our armor appears good outside of some minor damage from the missile. Internally we’ve taken some damage but it’s confined to the point defence hard points” Jeff was shaking his head, but I had already moved on.
“Secure those hard points!” I yelled at Jeff and concentrated on the situation in front of me.
“I’m ordering you to get...”
“Shut up!” I yelled as the nose of Scorpio continued to swing into position. “Your orders are to secure the embassy and retrieve Hercules along with the soldier that has been stranded there for over a month. Which is exactly what you’re going to do! Now I don’t have time for this!” The front of the Scorpio was almost in line. I heard a click and Jason’s image expanded to include Veronica pointing her personal defence weapon, the same type of short barreled flechette discharger, basically a shotgun utilizing magnetic fields instead of propellant, I used pressed up against the back of Jason’s head.
“Don’t worry Captain. I got this.” Veronica said.
I nodded. “Bring our sister home Vee.” I said swiping the image away.
The nose of the Scorpio was in line and I fired the port side thrusters ending our turn. I had already entered targeting data before the nose was aligned, so I didn’t hesitate. “Tubes one through ten firing!” I called sending two missiles to intercept each of the surviving frigates.
The frigates completed their tight turns expecting to make an attack run against the Scorpio’s back side. Instead they found themselves facing Scorpio’s main batteries. And missiles that had already begun reaching out to them from the void of space.
I watched as the explosions bloomed on my map. I didn’t notice my falling tears.
“In Grayson’s words: Fuck off.” I whispered.
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2020.12.02 23:57 emmyarty Has the screen burn issue been resolved? This is the second LG B6 panel I've experienced screen burn on, yet this time I've been extremely cautious and barely even games on it (dedicated monitor for that now). Needless to say, I'm livid.

I cannot believe how easily these panels burn.
The first time it happened, it was replaced by my extended warranty due to an incidental case of dead pixels the size of a small coin. The ult charge meter from Overwatch burned into the lower middle, and it was glaringly obvious.
After the panel was replaced and the set returned to me, I never played OW on it again and would only occasionally play single player games on it.
My fiancée was playing Hades, and paused for an hour or two while she did a couple of chores.
Now there is a menu box burned in.
I really do love the picture quality of OLEDs, but this is feeling like a deal breaker. I want to replace this set before I get a PS5/XSX, but not if my next OLED is just going to do the same thing.
Are we any closer to viable direct lit LED TVs? Have OLEDs become more resilient?
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2020.12.02 23:51 NukeU [REQUEST] AR or SMG to pair with SP-R?

I've been playing around with different options, and I'm looking for something that will cover up to about 50-60 meters while still being reasonably viable in cqc. I know the go-to all rounders for most people are the M4, Ram, and AMAX. I love the AMAX, but I'm having a hard time finding a build for it with decent ADS, especially since I really don't like its iron sights. I don't love the M4 or the Ram because I have a strong preference for weapons with only vertical recoil. I can handle a fair bit of recoil but the sideways twists and turns always mess me up. I have been trying the 5.56 AUG but it just feels meh, and the AS VAL is very difficult to use consistently past 20-30 meters. Maybe I need a snappier AMAX build? Or is there an especially good way to kit out the AUG? Or is there a weapon I'm overlooking entirely? Thanks guys.
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2020.12.02 22:33 Draecir This is the worst COD I've ever played..

I have never jumped onto reddit to start a discussion and recieve some feedback from others, but now is the time..
I started playing COD at the time of MW3 and fell in love with the franchise. I even played on the competitive scene for 2 years (not on a very high level.)
I've enjoyed all the CODs and Black Ops except Ghost. But this one, oh boy this one deserves a special place. Sadly enough imo this is the worst game they have made.
Am I the only one disgusted by this game? Am I the only one returning to MW because this game is the worst game they ever made?🤷‍♂️
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2020.12.02 22:22 SameIQAsMyPetRock (Selling) Letters and Numbers to Unlock Pictures with Sound

Read the terms at the end of this post when they are updated. The terms are important for both of us. They're what protects you and I from an unfair transaction. Do not make a transaction with me unless you've read and agree to those terms. Terms last updated 12/02/2020. I am selling digital codes for the following titles.
4K Movies:
HD Movies:
SD Movies:
REFUND POLICY: No refunds will be issued under any circumstances once a code has been sent unless the code does not work as advertised. Buyer ignorance does not constitute grounds for a refund. If you don't know how to use a certain code and you buy it anyway, or you already own the title, you won't be given your money back once the code has been sent.
CODE REDEMPTION: You may not use these codes in any place other than where you purchase. Violation of this will result in me asking for you to pay for the second use of the code, and refusal to do so will result in your account being reported to the mods. I make no guarantees regarding 4K ports. Any points or other bonuses included with a code are not included with your purchase unless specified in the post.
PAYMENT/FEES: I accept Venmo and PayPal, preferred in that order. I do not cover any fees associated with purchases. When paying through PayPal, use family & friends unless you're outside of the USA. Paying through PayPal with funds not from your PayPal wallet or a linked bank (i.e credit/debit card, pre-paid Visa card, etc.) will result in a fee of $0.30 + 2.9%. Using buyers protection will result in a fee as well. If a fee is incurred, a refund would result in PayPal keeping your fee, so please be careful.
CONTACT: I do not receive chats on my mobile device, please use PMs instead. If there is more than a half hour between our newest message and the one before it, please don't expect an immediate response. I have no sleep schedule, so I could be sleeping at any time. I am also sometimes unavailable due to work or other events. I respond to messages as soon as I am able to.
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2020.12.02 21:55 McGunboat An overview of the current ASP perks and my thoughts on them (My first post!)

Hello! This is my first post on Reddit! I'm McGunboat, and I run with VKTZ on Emerald's VS.
I have been playing Planetside for about a year now. I've ASP'd and I want to share my thoughts on the ASP perks. Please keep in mind that these are just my opinions based on experience and playstyle preferences.
I have a wide range of playstyles, ranging from everything from frontline engineer and heavy to ESF pilot. I am by no means a veteran player, so take what I say with a grain of salt, and please note that I enjoy more playstyles more than others.
[On a side note, I'm writing this with a fever of 102.3o F and a hell of a headache. Post-viral syndrome is not fun. This won't be as high quality as I would like, and if you catch any spelling mistakes, please inform me.]
In this response I will be doing the following:

ASP Perks

The game groups ASP perks into 5 categories: Universal, and one for each class (excluding MAXes). For the sake of discussion, I will be regrouping the perks into four main categories: Vehicle Discounts, Grenade Access, Weapon Access, and Power Secondary

Vehicle Discounts

There are five of these perks, all found in the Universal section. They each reduce the nanite cost of two vehicles by 20%, except for the Flash. These stack with facility modules.
Overall, most of these are pretty good. Some save more nanites than others, specifically the Heavy Air and Combat Armor discounts, as Libs, Gals, and MBTs have a 450 nanite cost which is brought down to 360 nanites, and they cannot be pulled from Player Bases. For avid tankers, Lib mains, and people who tend to squad or platoon lead, I would recommend this. (Really though people should just use Valks and Beacons anyways but nobody utilizes those as much in public platoons)
I believe that the Light Ground and Ground Transport are the least useful, because Flashes are basically free anyway, ANTs and Sunderers cost only 200 nanites by default, and all these vehicles can be spawned with Cortium. The most use I can see out of this is for Harasser mains due to the somewhat pricey 300 nanite cost.
The Light Air discount is relatively useful, despite ESFs and Valks being spawnable from Player Bases, because ESFs cost 350 nanites, which is pretty pricey.
Overall, I would recommend one or two Vehicle Discounts of your choice.

Grenade Access

These perks give classes access to grenades they otherwise wouldn't have. I don't use specialized grenades as much, except for Repair and Rez grenades as well as the occasional EMP grenade. The only Infiltrator-specific ASP perks are both of the Grenade Access type.
Most of these are undesirable. Why do we need to spend two ASP points to get flash grenades on both Infils and Heavies? Why do we need to spend two ASP points just to use EMPs and AVs on Engies? Why would you not use Rez Nades on Medic? There are much better alternatives for each class's ASP perks than these, except for Infils who didn't get much love from ASP.
The only non-terrible perks here are the EMPs for Engies and Infils with Stickies.
Despite barely using them, I know that EMPs are scary good in not-that-uncommon scenarios, but I still think the Engie EMP perk has better alternatives.
The only actually good perk here is the Stickies for Infiltrators one. I haven't got it personally, but being able to carry four sticky grenades while being invisible does sound like a hell of a good time. I just don't like using Stalker Cloaking.

Weapon Access

These perks, with one exception, give a class access to a weapon type or utility they wouldn't normally have access to. Unfortunately, because of a never-implemented Carbines for Infil ASP perk and other outdated concerns, these don't grant access to directive weapons.
These are pretty solid picks, depending on your skillset (especially the Reserve Hardlight Barrier). Except for Sidearm Primaries, which is more of a meme.

Power Secondary

These perks allow a class to equip one weapon type in their secondary slot. Still, no access to directive weapons. You'll notice that each weapon is a weapon the class normally can use it their primary slot. These are all solid picks, and really good.
Praise be to these perks. They're really good. You can play LA and use a Carbine while having the mobility granted by the Punisher. You can play Medic and have the close range power of an assault rifle alongside the long-range utility of a Battle Rifle (even underbarrel smokes). Your pointhold Engineer can have respectable range with a carbine but swap to a shotgun when the point is about to be breached. You can use the Lasher (or JackhammeMini Chaingun) alongside an LMG.
Overall, these picks are really good. Especially Heavy Weapon Secondary when on VS. Orion and Lasher? Yes please!
However, personally, I skipped Shotgun and especially Battle Rifle secondary, because you cannot swap to them as quickly as a sidearm. There are so many times I have gotten jumped while repairing or healing or rezzing, and have been able to survive by swapping to a pistol to defend myself, because I would be dead in the time it takes to swap to an Assault Rifle or Carbine or Shotgun. Still, I'd recommend these perks to anybody who plays a ton of medic and engineer.
You can also do stupid stuff like running two SMGs, two Battle Rifles, two Shotguns, or, hell, even two Thumpers, depending on what class you're playing.
However, you cannot equip the same exact weapon in both slots. But you can equip a weapon alongside one of it's variants.
For example, you cannot use the NSX Tengu in the primary and secondary slots.
Yet, you can use the NSX Tengu in the primary slot and the NSX "Networked" Tengu in the secondary slot.

My Picks (What and why)

Alright. Those were my thoughts and suggestions on the ASP perks. Here's the perks I have personally picked and why I have picked them. (Yes, this is in order.):
I play a lot of Light Assault. No, not Shotgun Ambushers. Once upon a time (and still on occasion), I played Ambushers with the Lumine Edge, because I hate playing Stalker Cloak. I once said that my first aurax would the the Lumine Edge, as a joke, but I decided, "Why the hell not?"
Yes, I did aurax the Lumine Edge via Ambusher Jump Jets. It really trained my gamesense, though, because having 0 meters of effective range while being completely visible forces you to learn fast.
Nowadays, when I play LA, I use Icarus with a Carbine and SMG (typically Punisher or Endeavor PDW). The mobility from the Punisher is too good on LA, and that is why I picked SMG Secondary.
When running with VKTZ, I often play Heavy. I like the Lasher and Thumper, but I didn't want to give up my LMG. Heavy Weapon Secondary is a must-have for me.
I picked Heavy Air Discount on a whim, because I wanted to fly Liberators solo. I don't regret picking it despite not flying Liberators as much due to New Chapter Hype.
Alright. Time for Sidearm Primaries. This'll be a bit of a rant.
At the time of hitting ASP BR 50, I was wondering what perk I wanted to get, and so I was discussing potential perks with my peers. We got onto the topic of how with SMG Secondary, you can equip two SMGs, and I thought that two Commissioners would be pretty funny, but not viable.
A few minutes later I realized that I had a specific implant that is relatively overlooked in ranged combat, and another implant that's really good but not many people have.
I got Sidearm Primaries, then I did this (originally on Heavy, now Infil with Hunter Cloak):
Primary: NS-44 Commissioner Secondary: NS-44G Commissioner Suit: Nanoweave Utility: Restoration Kit Implants: Vampire 5 + Carapace
For anyone who does not yet know, the Exceptional implant Carapace removes all of your shield and replaces it with 500 health.
Now, the Vampire Implant. Vampire will restore X health upon a kill with a melee weapon, restoring 325 health at level 4 and level 5. However, Vampire 5 has a special bonus: It works with kills with sidearms too.
You can probably tell where I'm going with this.
also sometimes I run dual Beamers lol.

Closing Statements

Anyways, those are my thoughts and suggestions on ASP perks. Take this info and make your own judgments on what you want to ASP into, and I wish you all luck on Auraxis!
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2020.12.02 19:11 mrmichaelsquid I Saw It With My Telephoto Lens

I’ve been a nature photographer for 13 years, and I love it. Most of my work doesn’t sell, but I occasionally get printed in NatGeo, or one of my pics on a stock site blows up. Either way, I get out in nature, testing telephoto lenses, and there’s something truly zenlike about observing a hummingbird feed or an antelope guide her calf through a field. I was home trying out a new lens; a Sigma 500mm on a 2x extender, effectively making it a 1000mm lens. For anyone unfamiliar with lenses, it shoots far as hell, and with the extender, images viewed through the lens are magnified 20 times.
I was in my 4th story apartment, testing the new lens that had arrived in the mail. After checking for dings or scratches and finding none, I sighed in relief and proceeded to lock the lens into the extender, then mount it on my camera. I need to express that anything within 100 feet would be blown out and blurry, and my apartment is on the small side. For this reason, I naturally aimed it out my window and took a shot of the moon. I admired the crispness of the image and then decided to see how people would look with the lens.
I’m not a creep by any means, and becoming a peeping tom was the last thing on my mind as I swiveled the camera towards an apartment complex a few blocks over that is visible from my window. I was about to aim the camera down to the sidewalks below when my muscles froze as the viewfinder displayed what my lens had landed on.
I was peering into a dark apartment’s unlit bedroom, I watched a woman being deflated. Her skin became slack and her form crumpled and shrank. Her mouth was a gaping wide scream. A look of absolute horror was locked in her lifeless, wide eyes. And then I saw what was standing behind her; its long fingers holding her up by her hollow shoulders.
It looked like a woman, but it wasn’t one. The mouth was an “X” that unfolded outward, revealing rows of jumbled teeth from beneath the strangely bisected, curled lips. From the middle of the bizarre opening, a long, slick tongue pulsed in undulations as it drank from the remains of the woman who was now no more than a limp husk in its arms. The thing feasting on the corpse had disturbingly long fingers and a bony frame. On its hairless head were two large, dark eyes that swiveled upward. The thing stopped feasting then stood there, motionless. I felt a chill roll down my back as I realized it was staring at me.
I instinctively snapped a shot. There was absolutely no doubt at that point. It had seen me. And then it charged towards the window of that apartment with lightning speed. It lifted the pane and climbed down the face of the apartment building, its backward-folding legs and elbows raised in pointed arches like those of an insect.
The speed at which it descended the building and reached the ground was astonishing. Moreso was the fact its feet and hands had adhered to the brick facade of the building so naturally as if it had merely been scuttling across the ground. And now it was bounding, quickly closing in the distance between the apartment it had climbed out of and towards mine.
I looked down out my own window as my heart pumped in my chest. The thing with that hideous face had reached my building, and I watched in horror as it began scaling the side with deadly speed. I let out a whimper and stepped backward. I only had seconds to react before it was up to my window.
I ran out of my door and into the hallway, as my mind reeled from the immediacy of the danger. I raced to the stairwell, pushing open the door and slipping inside just as I heard my apartment door begin to open. I was already racing down the concrete steps when I looked behind me and saw those long, strange fingers reaching from out my apartment’s door. I prayed it hadn’t seen where I’d gone.
I felt sick from the mounting horror of that thing pursuing me. Of how deftly if had scaled my building. I’d witnessed that thing feeding, and it was clear it was going to try to stop me by any means. I rounded the landing of the 2nd story, my feet creating a loud clapping that echoed in the stairwell. I heard my heartbeat in my ears. Ground floor: my eyes locked onto the glowing red “exit” sign. I rushed towards it as I heard the loud slam from above.
It was in the stairwell.
I pushed the bar on the door, heading out into the cold winter night. I hadn’t time to grab a coat and the chill cut through my shirt. Yellow street lights overhead cast harsh shadows, and I struggled to decide in which direction to run. I could run left as a police precinct was only a few blocks away. I had a feeling I wouldn’t make it. That thing was too fast.
I decided to head right, sprinting down the sidewalk towards the subway just a block away. If I could descend the stairs underground, it would buy me enough time; perhaps. I’d just rounded the block of the empty street when the metal door I had exited boomed open behind me.
I ran until my muscles burned and my lungs were sore. I could swear I could taste blood, and my heart pounded with every sprinting footfall. The subway entrance was in view. I heard the rapid slapping of palms and bare feet behind me; the racing thing far too large and far too hideous to look back at. Time slowed as I entered the dim stairwell underground as it hit me. I’d forgotten my wallet, metrocard and all.
I had no alternative. I raced towards the turnstile and hopped over, banging my shin against the metal bar with a sharp pain. I raced towards the next set of steps down to the platform, fighting the pain swelling in my leg and the instinctual desire to stop putting weight on it.
“Stand clear of the closing doors, please, ” the friendly voice stated. The train was leaving the station. I heard the slaps behind me echoing off the tiled interior of the station. Absurdly fast and hunting me like cornered prey. I tripped down the last step, seeing the train car with just a few somber faces staring down into their phones.
“Hold the door!” I screamed in a hoarse voice. A middle-aged woman glanced at me, then back down to her phone. The slapping steps behind me were just a few meters away, nearly at the stairs. How was it so fast? I leaped forward as the doors closed, sliding on my belly, face-first into the car.
The doors had closed, but on the plexiglass window was a splayed palm and long fingers twice the size of any I’d ever seen. It was gnarled and pale, taking up nearly the entirety of the black pane. A middle-aged woman wearing a colorful dress and a puffy, black winter jacket saw it too. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped open, but we pulled off, out of the station. Away from whatever that thing was.
It’s been two days since the incident. I called up a friend who let me crash on his couch the first night. I also texted my neighbor to make sure my door was locked and closed. It was wide open, as well as the window that thing had entered my apartment through.
I’m on an actual train now on the way to my parents. I called work expressing a family emergency, and I haven’t even tried to tell my story yet, out of fear of sounding like a lunatic. I saw something I shouldn’t have. Something inhuman and absurdly fast. I saw it take a life, and I know it will do anything to keep me from exposing it.
The trees out the train window whip past in a blur. Lights from distant homes on the horizon shimmer. The moon is just a sliver, so the visibility is low. I’d decided this was the perfect time to write it out in some attempt to make sense of it all. I just wish I hadn’t glanced out the window one last time.
Nothing should’ve changed; it’s dark and visibility is low. Nothing to see but shadowy trees rushing past and the glimmer of lights from the houses in the distance.
Except two of those lights are closer together, moving in a steady, methodic motion. Two reflecting orbs of light from a pair of eyes that easily keep up with the train as that thing bounds along effortlessly by the treeline. It won't need to run for much longer. The next stop on this train is the last.
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2020.12.02 19:07 bigfootsociety Looking for certain people to interview

Hi all! I am the host of the Bigfoot Society podcast and am looking to set up some interviews for the Patreon side of the podcast.
Hit me up if you are able to speak and have a connection to any of the following:
Rock Apes Chicago Mothman Van Meter Visitor
If you are a scientist that would be able to be interviewed regarding Cryptid evidence then I would really love to talk to you.
Thanks and if you have any connections to people that could fit the above criteria then you can send those my way as well.
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2020.12.02 19:06 bigfootsociety Looking for certain people to interview

Hi all! I am the host of the Bigfoot Society podcast and am looking to set up some interviews for the Patreon side of the podcast.
Hit me up if you are able to speak and have a connection to any of the following:
Rock Apes Chicago Mothman Van Meter Visitor
If you are a scientist that would be able to be interviewed regarding Cryptid evidence then I would really love to talk to you.
Thanks and if you have any connections to people that could fit the above criteria then you can send those my way as well.
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2020.12.02 18:31 OOO_Katai_OOO can anyone help me correct this text, please T_T

Hi sorry, I'm launching a comic on kickstarter but I'm Italian and I have no English friends, can you help me correct this text so that it is not "spaghetti English" but a meaningful speech in mother tongue? Please T_T thank you <3
(in the final product the character on the right will not be a furry, lol)
[sorry for my ENG. im ITA. don't worry, the comic will be released in English]
Hi, my name is Renato Corsi, I'm 27 years old, I'm an illustrator and I've been wanting to make this story for years but I need collaborators.
In summary, carrying out this project is what I would like to dedicate myself, I am annoyed by the great industry of modern entertainment because I rarely see works that know how to dare, if you want to know what "mood" Starland will have, know that the reference works are "Game of Thrones, Attack on Titan, The promised Neverland, Berserk etc...".
It is a very ambitious project, it is not a self-contained story, it is an epic that mixes Mystery, Science Fiction and Fantasy. Please trust me as I would really like to create something original and well written.
VOL 1 : The first volume has a minimum of 100 color pages, depending on how long the story takes. The script and pencils will be mine but I need at least 3 other people as assistants and colorists if we want a quick job.
Concept: The story start in an underground City named " Septum " with a 1900 aesthetic, it is said that following a nuclear conflict humanity has been forced to live in underground cities for 1000 years. The protagonist, Ennio Waterman is forced to inherit his father's business and is bored, dreaming of seeing the sky to explore the world. One day, on the train he takes every morning, containing, his best friend Ambrogio ( Ambro ), their parents and other characters of various social classes, he will derail because of the Prince and the Princess ( Priuma ) escaped from the city palace. When the train, pursued by the military, is about to break through the gates of the city to go outside, it will be discovered that the story of their world is all a lie. in fact they are inside a world called "the Labyrinth". In the Labyrinth it is not possible to see the sky, it is a science fiction ecosystem full of empty buildings that continue to move constantly, only the areas surrounding the House Trees are static and that is where the various communities live. You never know what you might encounter outside: minerals, food (only flying fish), merchants or more likely members of other communities in exploration, unfortunately each community tends to plunder the others, this prevents society from developing and understanding the origin of the Labyrinth. Each community has its own rules and beliefs, and it is difficult to discern which is true. There are monsters called " Abyssals " that kidnap people and take them to black ponds, teleporters that are activated as they pass, no one knows what is inside because no one has ever returned. Furthermore, to all the inhabitants of the Labyrinth does not mysteriously beat their hearts and they need cardiac machinery to survive, this forces them to leave the walls to collect minerals. This will make the protagonists subject to many risks, as many characters will want to transplant their functioning hearts. Septum was meant to protect the Royal Family and provide food to "them", it is not known who they are but they are the people who created Septum and are now looking for Princess Priuma to get back " the Royal Blood ". The deeper you go down to the Labyrinth and the bigger it becomes, in the deeper floors the fish are flying Whales and the communities are real Empires at war. Ennio's aim will be to take Priuma to the depths of the Labyrinth and with her blood destroy it, restore people's hearts and save the world.
But the story has 2 protagonists (similar to Game of Thrones). Priuma will carry a Diary called " Fraya's Diary " which apparently tells the origin of the Labyrinth. The story is about this fantasy world at war between 2 nations, the first having Magic, the second having Robots. Fraya was a slave whose city was destroyed by the invasion of the nation using technology, she and her mother managed to save themselves but her mother was then killed by one of the 7 heroes of his nation. These heroes are religious figures who absorb the life energy of their followers to be immortal. Fraya managed to escape and vowed she would kill them all. At 21 the story will begin with Fraya freeing Luxum the demon who once threatened the world, he will reveal to her that he is actually the Prince of that world and that his race has been ousted, so the journey of Fraya and Luxum to find " Starland " wil begin, the stone that according to the legend will be able to fulfill every wish but is divided into 3 parts, 2 of which the 2 nations have and the war is secretly born in order to obtain Starland. Fraya will want to resurrect her mother while Luxum will want to kill all humans but during the journey they will change their mind. [ Ennio will collect new pages of the diary as the story goes on but the HOW is still hazy to me ... ]
However it will be a tragic tale, because having been created the Labyrinth, Ennio will read Fraya's diary knowing that the bad guys will win ( he belives ) ... but strange events will happen ... as Ennio will read the diary he will begin to create a connection with Fraya and a time, when Fraya is sad, turning her gaze towards the sea she will see Ennio staring at her ( because Ennio is reading that part ), but is this not possible ? what connection is there between Fraya and Ennio ? What is the Labyrinth ? What is Starland ?

Combat System: In Starland the inhabitants of the Labyrinth fight with a formation called "Chelonia" because it resembles turtles. The whole is given by some mysterious Trees from which " Wyvern Eggs " come out. When the Wyverns are born, the first girl they see becomes their Princess and they create a symbiotic relationship with them, their heartbeats equalize and if the Princess kisses a person, the latter will become a Paladin. The Power depends on the color of the Wyvern, it can only be accessed when the Princess and the Paladin are in physical contact.This is called Enerlink ( precisely, energy of the bond ), the Enerlink of the Princesses is permanent while the Enerlink of the Paladins is transitory, depending on the last person the Princess kissed. The stronger their mutual feeling, the stronger their Enerlink will be. The weapons of the Paladins are perforated, because they are not cutting or impact weapons but only serve to convey the Enerlink and the holes make the weapons faster by limiting the friction of the air. In addition, the Princesses can enter in a trance state in which she move her consciousness within the Wyvern, which, changing into aesthetics and become bigger ( from a cat to an elephant ), will have access to greater skills. This will remove the powers from the Paladin who will have to protect the Princess, which is why in the Chelonia Formation the Paladin supports the Princess on his shoulders through special supports. in this phase the Princess draws on the Paladin's chest a symbol with her hands that depends on their relationship, a drop, a circle, cross her hands etc ... and the damage suffered by the Wyvern is also inflicted on the Princess's body. If the Wyvern dies, the Princess dies with her. Basically, Princess and Paladin fight by taking turns
  • Each wyvern has no wings but has 4 legs and when it transforms it becomes 3 meters high.
  • Each Wyvern has a different aesthetic but all Red Wyverns use Attack power, all Green Wyverns use Healing power etc ...
  • There are 1000 Wyverns for each color of the rainbow (7000)
  • Priuma is the only owner of the White Wyvern, a race that was thought to be extinct and that holds the Astral Powers the only ones able to create the House Trees and to eradicate according to the legend, the Curse of the Black Blood.
  • On the other side, Enerpain is used in the world of Fraya. The girls of the Luxum species are slaves and are called "Dragon Girls " and through chains ( of the same mineral as the weapons of Ennio's world ) the wizards absorb their energy to create magic, the more intense the feeling of hatred, the greater the power.
  • Luxum can create Labyrinth-like structures ( in contrast to Priuma's power to create a Tree House )
Where does this mysterious power come from ? What is the link between these 2 versions ?

Spoiler: Here I'm going to write just a clue.
One of the first antagonists they will face will be "Menes", the leader of a community of the Labyrinth that for 20 years has been plundering the cities they encounter. In these raids Manes discovered that each community has its own religion but they all start from an iconography: a male figure, a female figure and a horned child in the center and this intrigued him. One day he met a merchant from the lower planes and he revealed to him the original religion: Once upon a time the world was ruled by a mighty Empire: " Altaura ". This was strong thanks to her "Dragon Princess" who created " Wyvern Eggs " for her soldiers (as in Labyrinth). But one day, due to a conspiracy, she was betrayed by her advisers and her Knight who stuck a sword in her heart. But when it happened, the Knight realized his mistake, cursed himself and the human race whose selfishness had killed something so pure. Then he made an unforgivable mistake, made a bitter tear fall on the blood of the Girl's heart, the strongest and purest Dragon blood that assimilated that hatred and created the Demon Luxum who cursed humanity and locked her in the Labyrinth, if her mother no longer had a heart then no one would have it (that's why the inhabitants of the Labyrinth don't have a heartbeat). And now Luxum waits at the bottom of the Labyrinth for a Messiah to kill him and give back his Mother's Heart. Ennio will want to take Priuma to the " Dragon Princess " to sacrifice her and give her back her Heart. But this is just a legend. What's real ?
Ennio Waterman
Ennio (21 years old) is the male protagonist. Ennio is a kind of anti-hero, he is cynical and misanthropic. His dream was to build a rocket that would take humanity to the moon once they get out of the ground, but he knew it wouldn't be possible and he lived his days in the depression of his work. But one day he will be involved in the escape of Princess Priuma and from then on his goal will be brought her to the bottom of the labyrinth at any cost, this mystery, this "battle" has saved Ennio from an empty life. He is not good at fighting and is an skilled strategist, so he tends to run away and acts only when necessary.
Ambrogio Brunovolpe
Ambro is ennio's best friend, both are 2 social outcasts and complement each other, while Ennio is apathetic and severe, Ambro is sunny and extroverted is a very sweet boy and is fanatic of animals, he loves to draw them and read old books that illustrate the various species that populated the planet. Ennio had a brother, Noah, who was Ambro's best friend, when Noah died, Ambro approached Ennio to compensate for the loss even though they had nothing in common, what was a relationship of "necessity" became day after day a true friendship.
Noelia D'Arpa ( Noel ) alias, Priuma the Princess, she is the princess of Septum, the royal family who ruled the city for 1000 years, but in reality they were only the instrument of their advisors, who kept the "royal blood" for "THEY". When she and her brother find out the truth by eavesdropping on a conversation they will try to escape. To survive in the Labyrinth Priuma was forced to love her brother Aliquam in such a way as to be able to use the power of the White Wyvern, but when she discovers she can also use it with Ennio she will break away from her brother. Priuma is madly in love with Ennio even though Ennio loves her childhood friend Stella (who hates him and blames him for Noah's death), but for now Priuma doesn't care, she doesn't mind being used as a "tool for a victory" from Ennio. She has a spicy personality, she likes to annoy people and make jokes that are not funny but underneath she is a very fragile and insecure girl.
Bernardo Waterman
Lucio Brunovolpe
Bern and Lucio are the parents of Ennio and Ambro. Unlike many formative novels, the protagonists will already be the only boys in the group to have their parents present in the story. Bern is a musician, nice and young inside, the kind of father that everyone would like but he is also very insecure, unlucky and after the loss of Noah he became very jealous of Ennio. Lucio is the father of Ambro (Lucio is my favorite character), is a cheater, a man who tells lies who wants to appear rich and powerful who invests his money and his friends' money in bankruptcy projects, despite this was the best friend of Bern but after a quarrel they never spoke again for years, but during the story we will see their relationship reconcile (maybe). Lucio is secretly in love with Bern's wife, Pulsatilla (Pulsa), because she is a sweet, shy and humble woman, even going to kiss her ... what a vile man... ( but inside has a heart of gold ... )
Fraya (21 years old) is the female protagonist. She and her mother were 2 slaves in the "City of Stone" a city where people can own property but are forced to work in a quarry. His mother one day was bewitched by a painting that the merchant said was "Rivia" the city of rivers and bought it. His mother would start looking at that painting every day, imagining living there one day, not knowing if Rivia was actually like that in reality. Her mother was suffering from an illness and Fraya thought she was saving money for medicines, in reality her mother was planning to pay the ransom for Fraya in order to free her, but just when she handed over the money, the invasion by eliminating the mineral supplies began. Fraya and her mother miraculously managed to escape and experience a period of peace in a house on a hill built by Fraya and other refugees. One day one of the 7 Heroes came to question them and Fraya let out a sentence that would have condemned her mother, the Hero just touched her to absorb her life energy and turn her into a skeleton, the hero said "don't worry, your mother is here with me, I hear her singing and now you will reach her " (the heroes give off an aura similar to a song and it is said that they are the voices of the people they absorbed), Fraya managed to escape and swore revenge. She spent the next few years hiding as a mechanic in a theater company, looking for clues on the location of Starland. Fraya hopes that she can resurrect her mother with Starland and be able to live with her in Rivia.
Luxum will be freed by Fraya thinking it was Starland. Luxum is a mysterious being, the original prince of their kingdom, Altaura who has been overthrown by the "human" race of Fraya. Luxum and Fraya will be like cat and dog, Fraya just wants to avenge the 7 but Luxum wants to kill all humanity. Fraya will immediately fall in love with Luxum but she will not show it. Furthermore, Luxum having been freed by Fraya is under her control and this angers him.
In the world of Fraya, the females of the Luxum race are used as slaves to use their magic, Nemo is the first girl they will free and like all "Dragon Girls" she is mute because her tongue has been amputated, she will often communicate with a whistle. She is a shy and sweet girl and slowly she will learn about the world. Luxum will be super protective of her and will be the only person she will treat well. Fraya will be a little jealous of Nemo not understanding that Luxum sees her as the incarnation of his people and the little sister he lost.
( furry characters will be retconnected as humans )
The goal is to find collaborators, an assistant writer (editor), one or 2 assistants and a colorist. If I were to find the first volume, it would also come out for the summer of 2021
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2020.12.02 18:08 IJustWantSomeReddit Like I said a little bit ago, I am making my own class 2a

And I decided the main Character is gonna be Trans and I love him
Name: Kamiro Biyōshi
Hero Name:
Quirk: Hair
Affiliation: Yuuei Highschool Hero Course
Class: Hero Course Student Class 2a
Birthday: June 1
Height: 1,70 meters
Blood Type:
Fighting Style: Medium and Close range Whip attacks.
Power: 3
Speed: 4
Techniques: 5
Intelligence: 3
Cooperatives: 4
Information: (Deadname Kami) - He knew from the age of 10 he was Trans, but his family doesn't have the money to help him so he is shy and hides behind his hair and barely talks, he did get his hand on a binder tho. He also likes to wear big sweaters. He is really sad about his hero costume because you can’t wear a binder while exercising, and also not during Hero work. He didn’t come out, but he always changes in the boys locker room and nobody cares.
His (Dead)name, Kami, is the pronounciation of a sylibol (sorry for how I worte that) for Hair
And Biyõshi means Hairdresser
Kamiro was just what I and a friend afgreed on sounded right and thats his name now
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2020.12.02 18:00 Aumnayan Memoirs of First Contact 12 [OC]

[ First ] [ Prev ] [ Next ]
Date: 01.25 28 P4E
There are times in a person's life, blessedly few, where the events get etched into your very psyche. Forever altering who you are as a person. Time alters the image you see. Perhaps dulling it, or altering some details. But the feelings? Those never fade. If you’re lucky, you can work past them. If not…
I was in my office, going through the paperwork HQ was asking for. One week into the journey across the Gulf, and the powers that be are acting nervous. Scorpio was in Clypeus, and we had probes in the other two systems of interest, providing a live system scans to our computers and through us to the incoming fleet.
So they know the system was still empty. I don’t know why they needed me to provide so many reports saying the same thing.
Everything was normal, until I heard Haley scream from the bridge.
I ran out of my office to find a projection from Kl’atic station news projected above her consol. I pulled the link and made the screen large enough to cover most of the room. “Live” in one language or another, the translation software in the implant made it difficult to discern which was displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.
It showed smoke pouring out of a room I identified as the entrance to the terran embassy. The view was from someone's head or body camera. Several Burghasts clad in some type of armor rushed into the smoke.
I watched as the camera shifted views. A different soldier's camera showed a one of the security guards trying to pick himself off the ground as the Burghasts raised a weapon and fired. A large portion of the Terran’s head simply vanished, the edges glowing a faint green as the skin smoked.
Clive. I thought as Haley screamed again. She bent over and vomited into the recycler. I sat in the command chair as my legs gave way.
One by one they showed the death of each of the five Terrans manning the embassy. Some, especially the security personnel, killed several of the Burghasts, but more always came. They showed Grayson last.
He was picking himself off the floor, a large piece of something sticking out of his leg. Still, the first Burghasts that entered the room got knocked flying as Grayson kicked him with his injured leg. The second one had his gun knocked away, then Grayson twisted it’s head around almost three hundred and sixty degrees. By this time the first one had recovered and jumped Grayson from behind slashing a glowing blade across his neck taking his head completely off.
Haley was on the ground crying. I sat and watched it all.
The recaps.
The ‘victory’ photo of the Burghasts standing over the bodies of the deceased, one holding Grayson’s head for the camera. Proclaiming themselves to be the Terran benefactors.
I watched.
Every act. Every desecration. Every claim from the Burghasts that now that they had shown the Terrans what they faced we would acknowledge our rightful place in the universe.
I watched as the Empire voted and confirmed the Burghasts’s claim. I noted those that opposed and why, and those who had abstained.
And so did every member of my crew.
The only surviving member of the diplomatic team was Emily Greensburg, who was on board the Hercules at the time of the attack. She has locked herself in, and has been utilizing the ships two twenty millimeter rapid fire railguns to keep her dock free of Burghasts.
She’s no pilot, so until we can pick her up, she’ll be on her own.
Admiral McCalister contacted me about two hours later. His image solemn as his projection appeared solem. “You know.” He stated.
“I know.” I replied.
“We need you in that system.” I nodded numbly.
“We’ll be here.” I said and terminated the call. I went into my office and sat looking at the paperwork that I wasn’t going to do. Pulled a bottle of rum, imported all the way from Sol-Terra itself and looked at it. Tears streaming down my face.
I put it back in the bottom drawer.
It wasn’t time for that. Not yet. I thought looking at the plaque on the wall and the last square, filled now with a two by two square of jet black material that reflected no light in any spectrum.
But it would be.
Date: 02.24 28 P4E
There are many types of waiting. Waiting in anticipation can be both nerve wracking and exciting. Ask any bride or groom.
Then there was the waiting we found ourselves doing now. Which seemed to compress our feelings to the base of our stomachs. But just because we were waiting didn’t mean we were idle. I had set up probes to provide the continued system coverage HQ demanded while positioning Scorpio within mining distance of a large asteroid. Utilizing the half dozen in place retrofit/repair drones I stripped away all but the last meter of armor replacing it with overlapping crystalline durrasteel plates. Aesthetically Scorpio looked more like it’s insect namesake now, functionally most areas of the ship had significantly more armor then before as the plats overlapped each other. At worst it was the same with significantly increased protection from energy based attacks.
Most of the matter came from recycling Scorpio’s current armor, but the excess was brought in from the asteroid. We burned through the fuel we had and half of the next rod before we got it completed. But we did, with a week to spare.
I gave permission for the security guys, we’ve taken to calling the crew, Henry, Jack, and Vae to create a live fire urban warfare course. They’ve converted three recreation area’s to the task. And it’s become the favorite recreation spot for the crew as a whole. So much so that one of the security crew is always on call to take any crew member through various exercises.
We even have a scoreboard now, just like we do for the pilot combat simulations, which has evolved to a team effort facing large numbers of alien vessels. Characteristics outlined by the information Grazil provided us.
We’d all started wearing the armored environment suit that Greagory and the crew came up with. The armored plates I had used in the duster had been further miniaturized increasing the mobility of the wearer. It frankly looked like we had a grey-blue lizard skin suit on, with a chest and back piece. We all stashed helmets wherever emergency environment suits would be stashed. Custom fit ones for area’s we would normally be as well as oversized one-size fits all helmets in case of emergencies.
The suit was designed to wear under our normal dusters. I’m pretty sure Admiral McCalister’s stated dislike for them factored into that decision.
The most impressive thing I found about the design is that when you put them on and pressed a button on your chest plate an electric charge would be emmeted around the sealing plate causing the helmets seal and the sealing plate to become hexatic momentarily before solidifying into a single object, thus sealing the suit.
Well, almost everyone. The Gramelt’s came to me a week after the massacre and asked to have their contract terminated. The feel of the ship had changed. The purpose changed. We all know it and there was no point denying it. I told them that their contract would continue until the colony fleet arrived. They would be paid what they would be owed up to the point their feet hit the deck of another ship.
Until then I expected them to fulfil their duties.
We are all moving with purpose now. Event when we had nothing to do. It helps burn off some of the anger. Or perhaps it just compresses it more. We are staying in constant contact with Emily to ensure not only that she was okay, but that the Hercules hasn’t been compromised. Since our embassy was in the Burghasts’s hands, our only link to the station became that ship. I asked Haley and her crew to probe the station’s network security while we waited for the fleet.
I was going to be tasked with taking another diplomat crew to the Kl’atic diplomatic station. The decision had been made to label the actions a terrorist act, though they stopped short of naming the Burghasts military a terrorist organisation. The team was going to retake the embassy, Hercules, and keep the new ship Toga secure.
Admiral McCalister acted weary when I agreed to the task so quickly. What can I say, if anything, I’m a planner.
A week before the fleet was to arrive I contacted the Hudrozaplic embassy. Our implant software had been updated to provide names based on biometric data, making it easier for us to communicate with species none of us knew how to individualize yet. A fact I was using so everyone could identify the individuals involved in the attack on the embassy. No name appeared as the channel opened and a Hudrozaplic in a two dimensional plane showed up. “Hudrozaplic embassy, how may I help you?”
“This is captain Jessica Vanderlyn of the Terran Confederate ship Scorpio. I’m calling for ambassador Grazil. Is she available?” The implant informed me that the receptionist was in shock.
“Moment. One moment please.” She (another useful piece of information from my implant) informed me before her image was replaced by a symbol of the Hudrozaplic government. I sat back in my new chair, which had been modified to be comfortable while wearing the environment suit.
“Captain Vanderlyn. I am surprised to hear from you since you had been quiet since the Burghasts attacked your embassy. Before we begin, how is it that you are on this station when there is a sizable Burghasts fleet stationed outside of it?” I smiled at the information she let slip, intentionally or not. Whatever she saw in the display made her lean away from her camera.
“I’m not. I’m utilizing Terran communication technology to interface with Hercules, the Terran ship imprisoned in Kl’atic, to interface with the stations network and complete this call.” She thought about it a moment before doing her equivalent of a nod and sitting back.
“Then how may I help you?” She asked.
“I understand you had been in negotiations with the late ambassador for the manufacturing process of the crystalline titanium alloy the species of the Empire use as armor.” I stated and she did the equivalent of a sad nod (I was really loving the last implant upgrade).
“Yes, we had difficulties ironing out the details, but I had hoped we would get over the last hurdles.” She nodded. “Being independent seams further from our grasp then ever now. Though, that might be just because it seemed so close not long ago.”
“What if I could offer you something better than that?”
“Better than independence?” She asked unbelievingly. I waved away her comment.
“Get that in front of your metallurgists.” I said sending her the composition of crystalized tritanium. “You’ll find that it’s thirty present stronger than what you have now at a minimum.” She paused as she pursued the file I sent her.
“And the terrans are going to sell us this material?” She asked as she fiddled with something on her end.
“No, I am going to get you the manufacturing process for it.” She paused and looked at me in surprise. “Not only would you have the strongest armor in the empire, but you would be producing it yourself. Your limit for militaristic build up only limited to your mining infrastructure.” I said shrugging.
She was looking at me as though I had two heads. “Why would you do this?” She asked.
“Because I, and the Confederacy, abhor slavary in all its forms.” I said shrugging.
“Very well, and if what you’re telling me is incorrect?” I sighed. Politicians are politicians regardless of the race involved.
“If for any reason the substance I have just sent you is deemed inferior to the armor you are currently using I will provide you with the manufacturing process of the crystalized titanium that you had been negotiating with Graydon for instead.” I stated. She still had a look of disbelief on her face, but at least she stopped questioning what I was willing to give her.
“What do you want?”
I told her.
“But we already do that!” She protested. “We already rally against the subjugation of species and the so called benefactors! That can’t be all. What else?”
I made my request. She thought about it for a moment, altered a single phrase of the request, then we both agreed.
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2020.12.02 17:22 vinnybones AHOY, ME MATIES! - Transforming Boujack Analysis

AHOY, ME MATIES! - Transforming Boujack Analysis

One thing you can't fault Boujack for is being stylish
So sorry for the content slowing down! Between the holiday season and my new career, it's been difficult to find time to analyze the new DFE, but he's here and so I am! Let's talk about Boujack; His strengths, his weaknesses, his uses for the future, and for many people, the most important topic - is he good enough to save for or summon on?
Introduction / Overview
Firstly, let's just give a brief overview of Boujack and what I think of him before we break anything down. To begin, his lead is frankly excellent. I'm still personally shocked that they gave Boujack such an excellent lead combo; Space-Travelling Warriors is a fairly large category with a lot of depth and potential for future options; And it's an ideal scenario where his sub lead, Time Travellers, works basically perfectly in conjunction with his existing lead. There's almost no overlap except in a few small common occurrences - Which, is frankly, exactly what you want from a leader skill combination. We haven't seen a leader skill combo this good since... Well, Cooler!
Most of the similarities with the much-lauded Space Lizard, however, end there. Boujack's passive is quite strong but lacks the poignancy of some of the hard-hitters we've seen this year such as PHY Frieza and even TEQ Gohan. Yet... His support passive for his rather extensive category far makes up the difference in that department, giving some much-needed versatility to a unit that frankly needed it quite badly in order to succeed.
Transformation, Links & Everything else
Boujack's biggest strength by far is his transformation; Such a thing would seem obvious, yet it's not entirely due to how strong he is post-transformation. It's far more that he has access to an active transformation, much like Cooler; This is a MAJOR benefit to his support passive's long-term viability because, in contrast with other units like INT Futurehan & AGL Android 13, he escapes their base-to-transformation timer mediocrity by allowing the player to fluidly decide whether they choose to keep Boujack in a more supportive role, or jump the fence and gun it full-force for damage.

Which, speaking of, Boujack's post-transformed damage is excellent for a unit with no damage-boosting gimmicks such as Critical strikes, Super Effective attack - so on and so forth. It's no exaggeration that Boujack is able to routinely break 5 million damage on a given super attack with support & links active.

Speaking of links, Let's talk about them. This is the first major chink of Boujack's armor. His links are a mixed bag at best; They're certainly no TEQ Ulthan situation, especially in their commonality, but some of his links are straight garbage, sad to say. The Hera Clan & Galactic Warriors link skills are fairly strong for what they are; Offering a total of Ki +4, ATK +25%, DEF +20% & Crit +5% for only two linking skills - Yet... They're incredibly restricted; Almost entirely on bad units. Coward is an outright garbage link. It's only on 15 TURs and quite literally every single one of them is a bad choice to run with Boujack, even other Boujacks because those units suck despite their links. Fortunately, his remaining links are either passable - such as Revival - which has good effects and is common enough to receive uptime, yet still isn't ideal - And finally, his great links - Fierce Battle, Thirst for Conquest & Big Bad Bosses are excellent and can be activated very frequently with a high degree of reliability. This makes his overall linkage superior - in my personal opinion - to units such as TEQ Ulthan, both because his links don't change much, and more importantly, they're more consistent and powerful than ones activated with that unit.
His Partners
Boujack's other biggest weakness is his partners; Your absolute best choice is LR Boujack & Crew. But! LR Boujack & Crew isn't... really... very good. The biggest problem with this LR is that they've been power crept to absolute hell; They were one of the first +4 100% leads, and it really, really, really shows. They have the same link problems as Boujack but worse because they're a Shattering the Limit unit, and they also can't really link for Legendary Power with any degree of reliability. Their passive is unglamorous and inefficient; Providing a flat ATK&DEF buff, with a secondary higher DEF buff when at low HP, and ATK buff at high HP. This is just.. really not enough to justify making a main rotation these days.

If you've pulled on any modern banner in the past 18 months, you're basically guaranteed to have a TUR who will outdo LR Boujack & Crew - even if it isn't through pure damage, They're certainly going to do it in max HP defenses, utility, superior linking - et cetera. It is by no stretch of the imagination to say that LR Boujack & Crew is one of the worst LRs in the game as of currently speaking, due to their incredibly limited output in comparison to even other LRs placed at the time; LR Boujack, in my own personal testing, struggles to break 6 million with TUR Boujack boosting him by an additional 95%; This is just not good enough for how much you have to optimize that LR.

It goes without saying then that as a result, many of the other Hera Clan / Galactic Warriors centric units are just as bad; I had really high hopes for Zangya as she links excellently with Boujack, but due to non-DFE TUR stats & a very restricted passive, she struggles to be an asset on anything but a pure Space-Travelling Warriors team, which is hardly what you want to typically be doing with Boujack, due to the fact that his leader skill combo is so utterly excellent.
Closing Thoughts
Boujack is an incredible card from the perspective of his objective value. He leads two excellent, large categories, supports one of them at a great percentage that stacks higher in difficult content such as SBR due to it being conditional on multiple foes, and there are some truly insane units that love to be around him due to his support, such as STR Turles Squad, TEQ Jiren, AGL Baby, and the frankly terrifyingly overpowered STR EZA PB Frieza.

Boujack himself is not metered in poor personal performance, either; He has great and consistent links - for the most part - with only 3 links to bring him down, which means he still finds plenty of 4/7 linking partners that are only enhanced by his support.

He has excellent and reliable access to an extremely strong transformation that can pump out some serious damage - It's also the opposite of a slouch defensively, giving Boujack some really surprisingly high overall value.

But; Boujack is a unit that will only get better over time, as of current speaking, he lacks any partners that he can really make shine, and make him shine even better as a result. Most of the existing Hera Clan units are just.. mediocre at best, and many of them are truly awful. There's still potential for a full-power boujack in the future, or potentially a sleeper hit EZA from perhaps AGL or STR Boujack. Of particular interest is the PHY WT Boujack - if he awakens to a full power Boujack, he could be a pretty decent side option due to his already decent passive. But truly, in order to be excellent, we need a proper revamp or busted EZA.
Should you Summon?
My answer is a tentative yes - for global users. Boujack is a rather strong unit who can really juice up the output of some of the key pieces of any player's box; Although this obviously heavily depends on if you end up acquiring some of those key pieces; STR Turles & TEQ Jiren in specific are some of the units that will most heavily benefit from Boujack's acquisition, as he unconditionally supports them and only gives them even crazier boosts in SBR due to the stacking support dependent on present enemies.

However, for any JP players, I can easily say Boujack is a big skip. Anniversary is looming near, and not only are those units all but guaranteed to be far superior to Boujack, but there are other things to worry about as well - The New Year's banner is a consistent avenue of value giving guaranteed LRs once yearly, which, if you have to make the choice, you should definitely focus on instead, as with the 120% units ALSO featured on that banner - Their ongoing EZAs are generating some truly insane overall value - providing you're missing a unit or dupes, anyway.
Epilogue / Updates
So! In the coming weeks I will do a post on INT Gogeta's EZA, due to that being a major, major, major unit of the 120s that simply can't be ignored, and talking about how strong he gets and if you should use him vs STR depending on what ends up being done with him is clearly going to be a somewhat divisive topic.

However... I am definitely going to be taking a hiatus for the majority of December - January from that point onward. Between the holiday season & Cyberpunk 2077 releasing - A game I've been waiting 8 years for by the time it releases (Yeah.. I was a Witcher fan and caught the 2013 trailer on my radar, which.. ouch.); I'm gonna be SUPER busy. I'd love to post more consistently, but I'm definitely not going to be going anywhere soon, either. I love making these sorts of analyses and having a structured, well-intentioned debate with users in the comments is super engaging and valuable to my overall objectivity. I love you all, stay safe, and be good to one another.
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2020.12.02 15:47 senCode98 I speak poor English, I want to talk about the memories of my first love. To me, it seems to have happened in the last century.

This article is absolutely not fabricated, it is 100% true, and all the place names appearing are really searchable, and it is not writing a novel, all are real experiences.
Recently, Memories of my childhood came flooding back.
There is such a girl in my memory, and now what remains in my mind just what she looked like when she was a few years old. Thanks for her appearance in my life, so that I can have precious first crush memories in that dim and poor era.
That happened in 2005-2007. In the summer of 2005, I came to Foshan, Guangdong with my grandmother to study the first grade of elementary school, and lived in a place called Xilong Street in Xiaoyong Village, Lecong Town. At that time, we lived in a rental house that was so crude and there was no toilet. out of doorway was a small road less than 2 meters wide with some stone slabs around, from time to time, people pass by on a 28inch double bar bike). There were a few guava trees on the roadside, and a fish pond is further ahead. There are several "ceiling fans" floating on the surface of the fish pond, which I knew they were oxygen pumps until I grew up. The crisp ringtone of 28inch double bar bike, the screaming of cicadas on the guava tree, the sound of the “ceiling fan” working in water, and the smell of dead fish, this is my original memory of Guangdong.
Before I came to Guangdong, I was a left-behind child. I didn't meet my parents until I was 6 years old. Maybe that is the reason. I have never had a deep relationship with my parents and never miss my family. because of left-behind , those years, I was always withdrawn and low self-esteem. After I came to Guangdong, the language barrier made everything worse.
I can't recall when did she break into my bleak world. The rented house was surrounded by local children, who were about the same age as me. I can’t remember how I met them. It seems like it’s been the last century. A boy named 华仔(Cantonese pronunciation is waa4 zai2), the same age as me. There was also a fat little girl, much younger than me, but very naughty and unreasonable. Once she is dissatisfied, she will roll on the ground. The last one was HER, a girl who looks a little younger than me. She was the cousin of that naughty little girl. They lived together and waa4 zai2 lived in front of them.They call her 挛毛 (Cantonese pronuciation is lyun1 mou4, meaning curly hair), what a special name! this name I will never forget.
The first time I saw lyun1 mou4, she smiled, that kind of innocent, cute and gentle smile, I have never seen it again. With her arrival, the lonely and inferior child began to walk out of the once gloomy world, I was no longer taciturn, I started to mingle with them. And I often went to their homes to play, and I also played with their toys. At that time, as a foreigner, I was dressed poorly and lived in a shabby rental house. Like all other locals, their home is a multi-storey self-built house, with marble tiles, which looks like a palace to me. But we had no barriers and no discrimination. Their parents never treated me differently, and often invited me to their house to play.
Thinking about it now, all this is really rare. My Cantonese is also naturally learned when I play with them. I have to feel how fast children learn languages. If I want to learn Cantonese now, I will definitely not be able to learn it.
After playing for a day or two, I found out that lyun1 mou4 disappeared. waa4 zai2 told me that her parents were working in downtown Foshan and her grandfather was here. She would only come here on weekends. I still remember the kind of loss in my heart at that time. Without her, everything became dim again. At that time, my elementary school was in a place called Dadun Village far away from home. Since the first grade, I have been going to and from school by myself, and it takes about an hour to walk. There was a plastic factory on the way to school, and every time I passed by it at noon, I could smell the smell of plastic. So even now, whenever I am hungry, I can always recall the smell conditionedly.
Every Friday afternoon when school is over, under the blood-red sunset, I’m dashing on the way go home—because lyun1 mou4 is coming back! At that time, I should be very happy, just like being released after serving my sentence, I can finally see the girl who appear only once a week!
I clearly remember that every Saturday morning, before 8 o’clock, I went to knock at the door of her house. Her cousin has also gotten up a long time ago, because the TVS-5 Channel started broadcasting the Rainbow Cat and Blue Rabbit Seven Heroes at 6:30, and the one who opened the door always be her cousin, and she always slept in. Maybe her cousin thought that every time I came so early just because I wanted to watch the Rainbow Cat and Blue Rabbit Seven Heroes. Actually, I didn’t care about what was shown on TV. I just wanted to see her. If I could meet her once a week and I could be happy for several days. I looked at the clock on the wall with the sound of cartoons in the background. I waited anxiously and ambivalently. I hoped time to go faster, but the same time I also hoped time to go slower. How I wish I could see her face which just after waking up soon, but once I saw it, it meant that we were going to be apart again, so I hoped time slow down. When the time came to almost 9 o'clock, she got up, and as the door opened, I finally saw the familiar face, her sleepy eyes, she biting her lower lip, and found my arrival. She was so beautiful, usually she was quiet, but that moment when she just woke up, how charming she was, every move of her revealed cuteness. I was satisfied, as if I had completed the last task before I die, and I could wait for the parting with peace of mind.
However, the story between us came to an end quietly with no omen, and even I had no time to realize what I was about to lose. Still a peaceful morning, I came to her house, but never saw that innocent and lovely face again anymore. Like a drop of water dripping into the water without causing any ripples, it’s like she’s never been in my world. I clearly remember that it was 2007, the end of the story. I was only 9 years old at the time. I didn't understand social software, I didn't know what the Internet was, and I didn't have a mobile phone. We completely lost contact. I never saw her again, I don’t even know her real name. How silly I was that time.
The village I used to live in was almost demolished, and the street was no longer found on the map. The fish pond was landfilled not long after she left and turned into a parking lot. That elementary school is called Dadun Elementary School. It stopped running in 2009 and changed to a community hospital. I am the last session student of my alma mater. It all ended like this, completely unrecognizable, as if lyun1 mou4 had never been in my world.
Thanks to this girl, who appeared in my life when I first awakening of love. Just like the sunshine, took me away from the gloomy past, so that me poor boy can have an unforgettable and innocent crush in a foreign land.
Your kind of gentleness, charming, cuteness, I have never seen it again.
I am 22 years old now, and I haven't been in a relationship yet, but I am not envious. Maybe I always live with her who in my heart for these years, that's enough.
Over the years, there also have some beautiful girls around, but the feeling which she gave me has never been there anymore. It is a feeling that I will be happy for several days if I saw her smile.
In the future, even if I am forced to get married, it may only be this case: I have never been love with someone in my youth, and I will take a wife who have loved others in her youth. but, I am fortunate that I ever had such a exciting experience, which most people have never seen even in a dream.
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2020.12.02 14:37 iWaffleStomp Art of Vapor "One Armed Bandit" Review

Hello everyone! I received the One Armed Bandit by the Art of Vapor about 10 days ago. VapBong was on my list, but I like the design of this better. My purchase was from Vgoodiez, and everything went smooth as butter there. Wanted to do a review because I know there isn't a lot of info out on the Bandit yet.
Little background on my habits. Actually didn't smoke weed because I didn't like the taste of combusting. About a year ago I was introduced to dry herb vaporizing and developed VAS. Currently I have a Ditanium, Milaana 3, E-Nano, Mighty, Pax 3, Terp Torch, Plenty, a few Simrells, and regular Dynavap (Arizer Solo 2 on the way). The Ditanium has been my main, followed by the E-Nano. My usage is about .5 - 1.0 gram a day, with very rare stacked dabs on the weekends.
Alright onto the One Armed Bandit (OAB).
After opening the box and laying everything out, I must say it was a bit daunting. No instructions and 0 reviews out there explaining how to use. Found some info on the VapBong and pieced it together, and then felt foolish by how easy it is. Fill with water, plug it in, turn the voltage meter up to heat soak, fill the ball with material, pull. Mine need about 3/4 of a cup of water to get a gurgling sound. I turned the voltage meter all the way up to 12.5 for about 20-30 mins, and then down to 10.6. These numbers ended up working for me, but I have heard it will be different for everyone. I combusted multiple times at 11.4 voltage (recommended online for VapBong) before realizing the issue.
The OAB is basically a vaporizer built into a ceramic bong. The heater sits on top of the bong and points heat down onto your material which vaporizes as you pull. The more you pull the thicker and tastier your hits will be. No matter what you just need enough lettuce to cover your screen.
There is a ball that you fill up with your material. That ball sits on top of the bong and allows the heat to passthrough. Don't forget to cover the carb while pulling (I didn't know it existed for a day). I love the little ball, just shake it around to stir the material.
Did a few tests since I knew I was going to review this. First, I used about .1 gram (ground) to test vs. my E-Nano and Dynavap. The OAB blew them both out of the water when it came to vapor production, extraction, and effects. Usually I will need about 3 Dynabowls to get feeling where the first 2 hits got me. This is now my microdose KING.
Decided to go the opposite way and loaded up .5 to see how it handled a larger amount. Started hitting it about 4:20 and realized at 5:20, I was still on the same bowl. About 15-20 (lost count) nice solid hits over an hour. The effects, vapor production, again much better than anything else I own... including stacking concentrate with the Ditanium.
Most of the time I find myself using about .25 gram of material. I'd say it does feel like it eats through weed, but maybe thats just because I am so excited to use it. You definitely need to pull hard on this thing to get the best usage. I'M NOT SAYING DEEPTHROAT THE STEM... but it does help.
Currently I haven't used any concentrates, but I think using the Mighty concentrate pad in there may work?
For me, this is an endgame piece as I was using water 90% of the time I vape anyway. I cannot see myself going back to using any other of my vapes regularly as they just don't compare. The OAB has melted my face off multiple times in the past 10 days in a way that other vapes just haven't. If i wasn't lazy, I would begin the process of selling some of my other vapes. I will for sure be buying another of these OABs, and I cannot recommend enough.
Listen, I am not a reviewer by any means. So if there is something specific you have a question about, please ask.. I am off all day. So what I am saying is... PLEASE GIVE ME A REASON.
Thanks for looking everyone.
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2020.12.02 14:14 Omnissiah011 My Horror story

Hi! I’m Ed and this is mine horror story. (I literally imagine that everyone in the therapy room saying “Hi Ed” at once).
A few months ago I started listening to CritCrab, and other channels which are reading horror stories, and it was interesting. I didn’t think that one day I will write out of my mind, cuz this actually helps me to process what happened. So, let me start at the beginning.
At the end June I found a new ttrpg for myself, its name is Degenesis, and personally I would like to spread its beauty, cuz the setting is interesting and the writing of the book is almost poetic. In the late 21st century the world ended when a meteorite swarm hit the Earth, leaving Europe the only remaining continent. The story takes place 500 years after this event, when the meteorites spreads their gift to the ground, a hive minded spore named Sepsis, and shortly it makes mutants and stuff, but this isn’t a book review so I should go back on track.
I immediately fell in love with the world of Degenesis, and I wanted to run and play in this game, so I ordered the books…. all of ’em (btw all the pdfs are free on the website), and when I went through all the primary books I tried to gather some folks to play, and I ended up making a game for my friends. But this wasn’t enough for me, so I wanted to join to game as a player, but my friends didn’t have enough knowledge about the game or they just didn’t wanted so. And that’s why I asked for game on the game’s Discord server, cuz I wanted to work on my English too (I’m not a native English speaker, probably you can see that from my grammer). Nobody wanted to make a game sadly, so I started wandering about that I could try to make a game, so my speaking skills can improve. I quickly found 5 people who willingly join to my cause. And this is where the actual story starts.
For the cast (I changed the names to the characters in game faction name which are basically the classes in Degenesis): We have Scrapper 1, and Scrapper 2, the machinists. Clanner, basically the war boys from Mad Max, or the psycho of Borderlands. Spitalian, the harmacist from the meme, they clean the sepsis with flamethrowers if it’s needed, and heal the population for money. And for last Paler, the problematic player, they are underground creepy people.
I told several times that this will be my first game to GM-ing in a foreign language, and I told them I still learning the rule as everyone else, if I mistake please tell me so I can improve. I told this even before they joined to the game!
The first Session: I actually couldn’t ask for a better start. The players had to track down a device, and get it back for a Chronicler (The tech guy faction in the game) who hired them. I knew it would take several sessions to get even close to the device and the one who stole it, and this didn’t even happened yet. So they started their Journey, there was role playing in the entire time, I loved it, the characters, the scenes, everything. They went for a day and got a tip that there will be bandits on the road, but we ended the session where they wanted to send the Paler for scouting ahead so she could find their camp, or their set up trap on the road. Pale didn’t talk too much, because the player made her socially awkward. The role playing was so great that they asked me to make a role playing text channel, so they can talk while their characters on the road, or in a tavern. So I think I don’t have to say how I was looking forward for next week’s game, but oh boy that was my carrier’s rock bottom… yet.
Session numero 2: The scout was send ahead, while the party was walking on the road so they can catch up with Paler and get to know the location of the Bandits. With a few good roles, she found the tracks of the bandits, but with bad rolls she lost it. Good roles: she found other tracks, and she founded that the bandits set up a trap on the road, so she notified the party before they walked in to (a pretty obvious) trap, than the players attacked the Bandits, and this is where the pure chaos hits in. So Clanner’s player was a bit problematic player, cuz he was playing from phone, ad he couldn’t watch the battle map on Rolle20, couldn’t see his character sheet, and couldn’t roll at a same time, he always needed a few minutes to react in his own turn, and he constantly forgot to mute his microphone so we could heard him talking to someone else (which is a understandable thing, family is more important than a game, but always mute yourself!), the party warned him about his microphone several times. The other problem was the fight, I was new into this game, and mostly this was everyone’s first fight with the new system, it was a mess, and Clanner didn’t made it easier. This chaos was my mistake to. Long fight short: Scrapper 1, Clanner, and Spitalian obliterated the bandits, and got two for prisoner’s, so they can give them to the judges (basically cowboy-witchhunter looking dredd judges, they are badass tho), while Paler and Scrapper two weren’t hitting anything beside the ground and the trees. When the fight ended Paler told me she need a break after this mess, so we made pause-time for a bit. When she got back, she told that she is too frustrated for the game, what I completely understood, so we ended session two there. After she left the channel, she texted me. She complained about Clanner, and was thinkin’ about leavin’ the game because of the frustration he caused. I tried to calm her dawn, I tried to made solutions for Clanner’s mistakes, but she was indivertible, she wanted him leave, or she will. I was with her, she helped me with Rolle20, she was kind, and helpful, so yes. I still wanted to give him one more chance, but then I would lost a good helping hand, so I wrote to every group member if they are agree with Clanner’s ban, and we all did. This was my first time when I had to make someone leave one of my game. I was still looking forward to the game, cuz I loved the roleplaying scenes.
Session 3, the last session yet: The party looted the bandit’s camp, and they sent Clanner back weith a stolen cart to an old bartender whose husband died because of the bandits. Then they reached a town, lot of roleplaying, I loved it. They gave the bandits to the judges, than they were notified by scrapper 1’s friend there is a few fake spitalian in the city who are probably working with the one who stole their target (but that man is still in another town far away). So they went there, and sent Paler to scout the enemy’s hiding spot. They found a house, most of the windows’ curtains were close, but one. She asked me if she could open it, I told her she will need to get tool She asked me if is there any other way to open it without a tool, I said no, if you want to remain quiet, then she went back to the party and reported, without listening, or doing anything else at the building. They went to the house, Scrapper 1, and Spitalian whipped out everything, while Paler and Scrapper two broke the window behind the building, and got in to the house, they just lost movement, but that was enough so they didn’t get any kill. They recovered some stolen spitalian suite, which later was gave back to the faction, then they went to a tavern, roleplaying. But there was something missing. After the session ended I realised what I was missed from the game, the Paler’s roleplaying. She mostly was quiet whole the time, she didn’t wrote dawn anything about what she was doing, no reactions, no facial expressions, which is important for a socially awkward character.
2 irl days later morning: I noticed a lot of messages in the discord group chat, I was tired, and messed up that morning, so I started reading slowly with my own comfort… the first two sentences then I read every message with an increasing tempo, and I was devastated cuz what I read. She started complaining that I didn’t give her enough chance to prove her scouting skills and it was useless, how the combat was bad, how I didn’t let her do anything with that window, how the rules were bad, and how she was unable to do anything in combat and how she doesn’t have any fun. I understand it. The rest of the players tried to talk and reason with her, Spitalian came up with some homebrew rule (which I like personally). At morning I wasn’t able to answer her problems (online classes), so when I looked at the messages later I found the a shocking text at the group text: “Yes, I agree. The problem is not the game system.” Translation: you are suck. I believe I don’t have to say this hurt me. So I finally wrote my answer with my problems:
“Yes the learning the rules are difficult in a new game, but fortunately the d6 system is flexible enough to create some new one, so we can improve the gameplay. And I'm glad to Spitalian for his helping hands with the ideas. But there is one thing what's bothering me. You mentioned that your scouting was meaningless, because you didn't had any option to actually control the situation. Like break in to that house. I didn't said you can't do that. I said you need to use some tool. I don't know this is because of my lack of English, or anything but I didn't hint with this that you can't do anything at that situation. You just had to found a tool, a wire, a sword or an axe would perfectly do it. I believe you know this isn't a video game. You have to creative. Use the environment so on, this is for other ttrpgs too. Creativity is the most important thing. You guys can craft weapons tools what aren't in the book, make inventions, you can outplay me. And yes this is difficult for me, because I have to count in meter not in feet which I used to because of ttrpgs, and yes I know there as a few problems in the first fight because of the distance problems, and because sometimes I forget how to do things. I'm working on these problems. Constantly. And I will try to make more options for you in scouting, controlling the battlefield if it will be needed, and not just for Paler, for everyone. I'm sorry if you don't have fun Paler. Try to participate more in roleplaying. I have no idea why but most of the players who are playing a socially awkward character think if your character is mostly mute in the whole session that means you roleplaying. I'm sorry but that's not true. You can role play without your character's lips, you can do things, watch, having emotions on your face, write dawn the details of your actions. That is roleplaying I believe.
You can blame me or the game for not having fun, maybe your right, I'm not the best GM, and I never will be, and I don't even wanna be, I just wanna be a good GM. Spread fun. Make a good community. But you have to participate in every actions, not just scouting. I know that you said your character will open up a little bit eventually. But I'm still playing role play with your character not just her voice, her actions too. She should be a living being not just a voice in the eternal void of the world.
I love your characters, and I love when everyone can say something and think. I love the character dynamic, and I'm looking forward to see how the characters will change in time.”
Her respond: “Wow. There was a way to handle this, and this was not it.” Than Scrapper 1 started agreeing with me, than she immediately left to group. I was sad, really really sad. With this and irl problems I almost collapsed. I asked her how it could have been handled Batter, and I have expressed my confusion since I (believe) was calm and open to solution, her respond shocked me again:
“I'm sure that you believe that. But what you said was offensive and turned your repeated mistakes in to blaming me for my own unhappiness.
Being quiet and the reasons I wasn't able to RP were directly tied to your misinterpretations or the rules and not allowing me to succeed at any task.
I have ZERO interest in discussing it with you further.”
I wanted to answer, how rude this is from her, and how she could try to do th… SHE BLOCKED ME before I could sent her my answer. Then I went back to the group text channel and I wrote: “Alright guys... I'm sorry but I think I'm done”. I was broke, in pieces. Words couldn’t said how desperate was I am (but numbers can 665/10). I didn’t wanted to continue anything, I just wanted to cry (manly) in a corner of my home. But my players didn’t let me. All the remaining of the group asked me to don’t let this break me down, things like this happens. Of course I still feel that partly I’m responsible for this, but now I can see some kind of “that girl” in this situation. My players convinced me to keep the game, they told me I’m doin’ it right, and this warmed my hearth. And the group even got a new player.
TL; DR: New game for a GM who needs to improve his English, player don’t have lack in fight, after game she makes me ban another (problematic) player before I can see if my solutions even work for the problem, in the second session. In the third session she don’t talk, and almost doesn’t done anything. After session she blames me how she didn’t have fun, and how bad GM I was, I tried to calm the woman down, than she says I handled the situation badly, player tried to convince her, she left the game. I asked her how would she handle the situation, she blames, and blocks me. The players didn’t want me to quit because of this, and I stay hopefully to improve my skills and make a fun game.
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2020.12.02 14:13 SpicyRicePhotography Head glitching is killing my MASSIVE love for this game, Devs please, a speedy response is needed.

So basically its becoming every game now i see people running around with thier arms jacked up into the air holding their gun above their head. I didnt know what it meant until now. what those players are doing is called head glitching, basically their camera is about 1 meter above thier actual head's hit box and since the feet are glued to the ground just thier army are jacked up with thier gun. but what this means is they can see and shoot you (with perfect accuracy) with ONLY thier gun showing.
This is completely broken and make the game feel so cheap and low. hell even without a head glitch people sticking thier guns over a ledge and peaking half their head over to lazer you feels dumb.
In real life you have to have the gun about shoulder height to achieve the best accuracy, any higher and you wouldnt hit the broad side of a barn. This is how combat works... it's engrained into our subsoncious, VR is a vehicle for that.
Please devs, make it so that when your gun is above shoulder height your accuracy is so bad you cant hit targets from afar. also make it so that the height you set will not go higher. you cant even jump in this game, why let the camera go up so much higher than what it was set to?!?!!
i love this game with a passion, please help me keep that love. also if you are a top player using this glitch, I WILL flame you on my stream if i catch you doing it
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2020.12.02 13:33 EducatorAffectionate First story let’s call it my demons idk

So I’ve got two stories for now. I have many more stories. Been living with ghosts since I was 8. So no problem for me to tell more situations. But onto the stories. These are very short sorry in advance. Don’t feel like typing out the longer versions. Also I’m on mobile and English is not my first language.
Story 1
Which I can call I guess “school no thank you”. So I’ve always had problems at school by keeping my concentration. Since I was little. So yes it’s always been stuck with me. This story happened about almost a year ago. I was at the time in a McDonald’s. We had one of those near our school and it was great. Haha no I’m not that fat. Just once or twice every year. But this time I decided to go. After having a little bite I was almost late for the next lesson and quickly made my way back with 0 problems. When i entered the school something felt off but since I’ve always lived with ghosts it did not feel very different. The school halls were empty cause everyone was already in their class rooms. So I decided to jog a little. When I made it up the stairs I went up another set of stairs. Afterwards went left and entered the hall to many more class rooms.
Also let me tell you I’m a nurse student and this was where they had the beds and materials and such. So back to the story.
I kept walking and saw suddenly come around the corner at the other side of the hall with his head down. We both walked and when we came closer to each other he bumped very hard into me and made me fall to the ground. I then stood up a bit scared and angry when the other person was just gone. I ignored it and went to class. That lesson was just a lesson nothing to talk about.
After that lesson we still had one more to go. So up we went to the next classroom. In that room I started to feel uneasy. Feeling sick and stomachachie. It felt like I was gonna go out any second. So I just kept my head down looking at the table.
When the class was dismissed and everyone was gone except for the one classmate infront of me and the teacher. That one student asked me if I was alright and I slowly lifted my head and said “yes yes everything’s....”. And then I came to the realisation that there was something else in that room. It looked like a demon of some sorts. Purple skin with horns and weird hand and feet. I think it was almost 2 meters tall. When I stood up I just ran out of the class room. It probably looked very weird to them. But I could not tell them what I saw. I felt sick. Idk what it wanted but it scared the shit out of me. If someone else in here maybe knows more about it or has a clue what it was doing there. Please do tell me.
One other thing before I continue with the second story I’ve been told by my doctors and therapist friend family etc. A few months ago that it seems I have a sixth sense. To able to see the world between living and dead. I don’t call it a super power I call it a curse.
2nd story
Idk if I should post it as a second one but whatever. So I call this little scary story of mine “angel of death??”.
So probably haven’t told you yet. I’m an atheist just to let you know. I have many friends of different culture religion and colour. Everyone is welcome to my friend group.
I think angel of death is a religious thing but idk you can probs correct me. I have had a few encounters with this woman. It’s scary it is not fun but I think she is one of the most friendly ghosts I’ve ever seen.
Let me tell you first what she looks like and maybe you can tell me Jep that is totally her or be like nope that is just another weirdo ghost. So she had a pale white skin, holes for eyes, a black Rob that was cut off a bit at the floor and by her elbows. She has very very long black hair. And she hoovered above the ground. She was also very tall maybe 3 meters idk. She did not smell and give off only little whisper sounds. Like she was talking in herself.
So the very first encounter with her was maybe 10 years ago.
At the time I did parkour with a friend of mine. It was just the two of us next to a very high building where many people lived. All older people. I was never that great parkour so I always tried my best but that friend actually walked up to walls and grabbed the wall and threw himself over it. I still sometimes can not believe it. The walls were like a few meters high. At a certain moment we heard sounds and decided to dismiss ourselves and saw a husband and wife leave the building crying. We decided to check out the situation so we just asked what was up. They told us that the woman’s mother was not feeling that great. And thus decided to call for an ambulance. That friend of mine heard the ambulance and saw they did not know how to get here. So he grabbed his bike and went to ambulance and showed them the way. Truly a hero I think haha. Afterwards we still stood there but a bit more farther out and looking at the scene. The woman was carried with a brancardier into the ambulance and that is when I saw a third figure. She looked exactly how I told you. But at that time I did not think any of it.
So i continued my life. Now back to the future. I believe it was august 2020. I stopped school had a burnout cause I cared too much about others and totally forget about myself. Oops. It was at night. Yes the usual story you go to the bathroom and there we go welp now a little different I guess maybe idk.
It was very late it was dark outside and silent in the house. I decided to go to the bathroom right before I went to bed.
Quick gotta tell you my sister is 4 years older than me and lives already in a house somewhere but she came over that day and slept here this night. We have a great relationship we never ever had a fight or anything.
So I opened my bedroom door and saw that her door was open and found that very weird. Cause I knew how she hated that and went to her bedroom door. When I looked in the room I saw a figure hanging over her and I quickly made my way into the toilet room. I closed the door and locked it and told myself by talking “ it isn’t real”. Over and over and over. I emptied my bladder and emptied my head and decided to go back to bed. When I opened the door the figure had closed my sisters door and now stood in my doorway looking at me. I did not know what to do and took two steps back to my sisters door and saw that the figure went past me upstairs to my parents their room. I quickly went in my room and closed the door. I put on a light and waited. I heard it moving upstairs and slowly close the door again. Then I heard it go downstairs and moving in the kitchen and the garage. And then I heard it open the front door and leave. I then opened my door and went downstairs to look. There was nothing there it was gone whatever I saw. It just left. Is this that angel or was it a weirdo ghost? Idk but it was almost as if it was looking for something.
Since then this has been my most friendly ghost. Cause I’ve always had ghost who wanted to hurt me or tell me why they died and then give me heavy headaches.
It always makes very tired to talk about this stuff so I’m gonna stop now. Thanks for reading. Hope you have a great day and life.
Every single person that you pass at the street they have as varried stories and exiting of a life as you do so treat them that way.
Soooo let’s take a little break If you wanna use my name and story for posts and videos pls let me know then I will probs watch them or read them myself too. Please answer any questions thank you. Tell your own stories. I would love to read them.
You may not believe my stories are true. You just tell that yourself thank you I do not need to know that you think it’s fake thank you. For me it’s something that plays a big part in my life.
Also one more tip from me if you meet a ghost do not make any eye contact if you do you make them happy and they can then break you. Make you hate a lot in life and even hate yourself.
Bye bye.
Xx Danique
(Still trying time figure out how to change my reddit name haha ;p ).
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